Origin: USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: January 31, 2006

Attention Deficit

Attention Deficit play intense jazz/fusion, with perhaps a hint of metal now and again, their inclusion here is really only due to the presence of Tim Alexander and Alex Skolnick. There's a lot of talent on display here, just not really in a metal context.

Last Lineup

Alex Skolnick

guitars (Metal Allegiance, ex-Savatage, Testament)

Michael Manring


Tim Alexander

drums (Escapethecult, Primus)


Attention Deficit  
1998 Magna Carta
  • Alex Skolnick
  • Michael Manring
  • Tim Alexander

The Idiot King  
2001 Magna Carta
  1. American Jingo
  2. Any Unforeseen Event
  3. The Risk of Failure
  4. Low Voter Tunrout
  5. Unclear: Inarticulate Things
  6. RSVP
  7. My Fellow Astronauts
  8. Dubya
  9. The Killers Are to Blame
  10. Nightmare on 48th St.
  11. Public Speaking Is Very Easy
  • Alex Skolnick
  • Michael Manring
  • Tim Alexander

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