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Betray My Secrets

Self-described as "ethno-metal", Betray My Secrets was quite a special band. This was a traditional metal band with extensive ethnic additions -- to these ears they sound Native American (wind instruments, chants), though according to other reports they are instead (or also) Middle Eastern, Far Eastern, and/or even African in origin. Odder still, then, that Betray My Secrets was actually a German band, a side project featuring two members of the gothic metal band Darkseed. The trio surrounded itself with an impressive array of musicians from around the world, with various percussive and wind instruments on display, as well as a whole host of guest singers. Even without the overt ethnic influences (not every song is driven by them), this was a fascinating and unique album, a lush blend of power and atmospheric metal with a dark edge that is simply entrancing. Betray My Secrets was one of the most original takes on metal to be heard in years. Founder Stefan Hertrich later formed a continuation project of sorts under the name SpiRitual.

Last Lineup

Stefan Hertrich

vocals (ex-Darkseed)

Christian Bystron


Harald Winkler

drums (ex-Darkseed)


Betray My Secrets  
1999 Serenades
  1. Shamanic Dream
  2. Ever Expanding Eternity
  3. God And Me
  4. Oh Great Spirit
  5. Of Things Not Seen
  6. Desert Dance
  7. Forgive Them
  8. Little Wanderer
  9. From The Goddess
  10. Save My Belief
  11. Untitled
  12. Untitled
  • Stefan Hertrich
  • Christian Bystron
  • Harald Winkler

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