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Genres: Hard Rock
Page online: October 1, 2016
Last update/review: February 2, 2023

Black Star Riders

Black Star Riders is essentially the continuation of the classic 70's hard rock band Thin Lizzy. Lizzy formally broke up in the mid-eighties when leading man Phil Lynott passed away, but touring lineups have played often over the years since. Eventually the current lineup wanted to record new material, but out of respect to Lynott and the Thin Lizzy name, the decision was made to formally create a new band, and thus Black Star Riders was born. The core members here also continue to play tribute gigs as Thin Lizzy.

Current Members

Ricky Warwick

vocals/guitars (Thin Lizzy)

Sam Wood


Robert Crane


Zak St. John


Former Members/Guests

Christian Martucci

guitars (Stone Sour)

Scott Gorham

guitars (Thin Lizzy)

Damon Johnson

guitars (ex-Alice Cooper, Thin Lizzy)

Marco Mendoza

bass (ex-Ted Nugent, Thin Lizzy)

Jimmy DeGrasso

drums (ex-Alice Cooper, ex-Killing Machine, ex-M.D.45, ex-Megadeth, ex-Suicidal Tendencies, ex-Y&T)

Chad Szeliga

drums (ex-Black Label Society)


All Hell Breaks Loose  
2013 Nuclear Blast
  1. All Hell Breaks Loose
  2. Bound For Glory
  3. Kingdom Of The Lost
  4. Bloodshot
  5. Kissin' The Ground
  6. Hey Judas
  7. Hoodoo Voodoo
  8. Valley Of The Stones
  9. Someday Salvation
  10. Before The War
  11. Blues Ain't So Bad
  • Ricky Warwick
  • Scott Gorham
  • Damon Johnson
  • Marco Mendoza
  • Jimmy DeGrasso
2013 Readers' Album #97

The Killer Instinct  
  1. The Killer Instinct
  2. Bullet Blues
  3. Finest Hour
  4. Soldierstown
  5. Charlie I Gotta Go
  6. Blindsided
  7. Through the Motions
  8. Sex, Guns & Gasoline
  9. Turn In Your Arms
  10. You Little Liar
  • Ricky Warwick
  • Scott Gorham
  • Damon Johnson
  • Robert Crane
  • Jimmy DeGrasso

Heavy Fire  
  • Ricky Warwick
  • Scott Gorham
  • Damon Johnson
  • Robert Crane
  • Jimmy DeGrasso

Another State Of Grace  
2019 Nuclear Blast
  1. Tonight The Moonlight Let Me Down
  2. Another State Of Grace
  3. Ain't The End Of The World
  4. Underneath The Afterglow
  5. Soldier In The Ghetto
  6. Why Do You Love Your Guns?
  7. Standing In The Line Of Fire
  8. What Will It Take?
  9. In The Shadow Of The War Machine
  10. Poisoned Heart
  • Ricky Warwick
  • Scott Gorham
  • Robert Crane
  • Chad Szeliga

Wrong Side Of Paradise  
  1. Wrong Side of Paradise
  2. Hustle
  3. Better Than Saturday Night
  4. Riding Out the Storm
  5. Pay Dirt
  6. Catch Yourself On
  7. Crazy Horses
  8. Burning Rome
  9. Don't Let the World
  10. Green and Troubled Land
  11. This Life Will Be the Death of Me
  • Ricky Warwick
  • Christian Martucci
  • Robert Crane
  • Zak St. John

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