Origin: England  
Last update/review: September 1, 2011


Blackstar was formed after the demise of Carcass, with their one album, Barbed Wire Soul, continuing in the vein of Carcass' Swansong (i.e. away from the grindcore of that band's early works, and more towards a thrash/traditional metal style). In some areas the album has been released under the band name Blackstar Rising, presumably for legal reasons and apparently without the knowledge of the band itself (versions of the album can be found under both names). Drummer Ken Owen fell victim to a brain tumor during recordings for a second album, and with him unable to continue at the time, the band folded.

Last Lineup

Jeff Walker

bass/vocals (ex-Brujeria, Carcass)

Carlo Regadas

lead guitar (ex-Carcass)

Mark Griffiths

rhythm guitar (ex-Cathedral, ex-Year Zero)

Ken Owen

drums (ex-Carcass)


Barbed Wire Soul  
1997 Peaceville
  1. Game Over
  2. Smile
  3. Sound Of Silence
  4. Rock N' Roll Circus
  5. New Song
  6. Give Up The Ghost
  7. Revolution Of The Heart
  8. Waste Of Space
  9. Deep Wound
  10. Better The Devil
  11. Instrumental
  • Jeff Walker
  • Carlo Regadas
  • Mark Griffiths
  • Ken Owen

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