Origin: Los Angeles, California, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Page online: November 24, 2007
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Bloodlust was one of several lesser-known speed/thrash bands of the eighties, and, like many LA-based bands of the time, got their start with Metal Blade (though they didn't appear on a Metal Massacre compilation like most of their peers). Vocalist Steve Gaines got his start here, singing for the band in its early days before jumping ship to Abattoir and later returning for their final recording, the Terminal Velocity EP. They were done by the late eighties, but did reform some time later, playing live in 2005.

Last Lineup

Steve Gaines

vocals (Anger As Art, ex-Abattoir)

Earl Mendenhall


John Lisi


Sandy K. Vasquez


M.E. Cuestas


Former Members/Guests

Guy Lord


Anthony Romero


Craig Kasin



Guilty As Sin  
1986 Metal Blade
  1. Soldier Of Fortune
  2. Ride To Death
  3. Chainsaw
  4. Tear It Up
  5. Bleeding For You
  6. Too Scared To Run
  7. Rising Power
  • Guy Lord
  • Earl Mendenhall
  • Anthony Romero
  • Sandy K. Vasquez
  • M.E. Cuestas

Terminal Velocity  EP
1988 Wild Rags
  1. Terminal Velocity
  2. City Of The Forgotten
  3. C.T.R (Sunday's Liar)
  4. Semper Fi
  5. Guilty As Sin
  • Steve Gaines
  • Earl Mendenhall
  • John Lisi
  • Sandy K. Vasquez
  • Craig Kasin

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