Origin: Austin, Texas, USA  
Genres: Black Metal
Last update/review: January 30, 2010

Brown Jenkins

A one-man band from Texas with a style as odd as its name, Brown Jenkins came and went fairly quickly, recording a few demos and such before releasing Angel Eyes in 2008 and then disappearing, with main man Utesh Amtey apparently moving on to a newer project. (Apparently a posthumous recording is set for 2009). Angel Eyes is haunting, creepy, non-stop droning, dissonent black metal, with the guitars quite reminiscient of Blut Aus Nord. The sound achieved here is quite effective, but the songs have little variance (both within themselves and compared to each other), motoring along at a slow to mid-tempo, with sparse harsh vocals sprinkled here and there. Truly an oddity, and for that reason alone there'll be an audience for this, but mainstream this is not.

Last Lineup

Umesh Amtey

vocals/all instruments


Dagonite  EP
2007 Moribund
  1. Blessed
  2. Dagonite
  3. Aeons of Crawling
  4. She went to the Sea
  5. Starless
  • Umesh Amtey

Angel Eyes  
2008 Moribund
  1. Black Procession
  2. Angel Eyes
  3. The Ash Eaters
  4. Like A Sword Through Worlds
  5. Forever Funerals
  6. Pale Conqueror
  7. Seven - Joy In Darkness
  • Umesh Amtey

Death Obsession  
2009 Moribund
  1. Broken
  2. Second Silence
  3. The Nameless
  • Umesh Amtey

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