Origin: Huntington, West Virginia, USA  
Genres: Alternative Metal
Last update/review: April 4, 2020


Chum travelled a typical road towards a recording contract, cultivating a local following in their home state of West Virginia, releasing some local product (two cassette EPs, Postblisstheory and Godgiven) before attracting the attention of (first) Capitol Records (who opted not to sign the band, citing a desire for a vocalist change which the band refused to do) and later Century Media, who eventually signed the band. The opening riff from their Dead To The World album might remind some of Korn, with its downtuned sound. The similarity pretty much ends there, though -- there are vague similarities in the guitarwork, but the vocals here are much more controlled, almost alternative-ish, and the songwriting is much more diverse. Lineup changes ensued even before the release of the album, and the band, in various guises, survived until late 1998. At least one formal reformation took place in 2004, but nothing came of it.

Last Lineup

John Lancaster


Mac Walker


Chris Tackett


Chuck Nicholas



Dead To The World  
1996 Century Media
  1. Stepping On Cracks
  2. Halfway Home
  3. Kindling Kind
  4. Live In A Circle
  5. Untouchable
  6. Dead To The World
  7. Angels In The Snow
  8. Greetings (From The Inner Self)
  9. Darling Nikki

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