Origin: Kaarina, Finland  
Last update/review: July 3, 2016


Decoryah was a band ahead of its time in a sense, as their dreamy, atmospheric approach to metal, replete with techno/pop lenaings, makes some sense nowadays with the ultra-diversity of metal, music, but in the mid-nineties this was pretty much unheard of. Apparently the band signed a 7-year contract with Metal Blade but only two albums and an EP were recorded and the band broke up soon afterward.

Last Lineup

Jukka Vuorinen


Jani Kakko


Mikko Laine


Former Members/Guests

Jonne Voltonen



Wisdom Floats  
1995 Metal Blade
  1. Astral Mirage of Paradise
  2. Wisdom floats
  3. Monolithos
  4. Beryllos
  5. Reaching melancholiah
  6. Circle immortality
  7. When the echoes start to fade
  8. Cosmos silence
  9. Intra-Mental Ecstasy
  10. Ebonies
  11. Infinity awaits
  • Jukka Vuorinen
  • Jani Kakko
  • Jonne Voltonen
  • Mikko Laine

Fall-Dark Waters  
1996 Metal Blade
  1. Fall-Dark Waters
  2. Submerged Seconds
  3. Envisioned (-Waters?)
  4. Some Drops Beyond the Essence
  5. Endless is the Stream
  6. Gloria Absurdiah
  7. Wintry Fluids (Portal)
  8. She Came to Me in the Form of Water
  9. She Wept in the Woods
  • Jukka Vuorinen
  • Jani Kakko
  • Mikko Laine
1996 Readers' Album #99

Breathing The Blue  EP
1997 Metal Blade
  1. Once
  2. Beneath The Clouded Mind
  3. Breathing The Blue
  4. Let The One Drawn
  5. Swinging Shapes At A Lake
  • Jukka Vuorinen
  • Jani Kakko
  • Mikko Laine

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