Origin: Knoxville, Iowa, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
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Last update/review: March 26, 2005


Defyance is one of many bands playing melodic, semi-progressive metal, taking their cues from bands like Queensryche and later-period Fates Warning. Not a groundbreaking group, but a solid band for the style, with high marks for production and musicianship values, particularly impressive for a self-financed band. The band managed three self-released albums, the most recent being 2002's Transitional Forms, though they haven't been heard from since.

Last Lineup

Lance King

vocals (ex-Pyramaze)

Marcus Peterson


Brent Scott


Aaron Bell

bass (Degree Absolute)

Doug Beary

drums (Degree Absolute)

Former Members/Guests

Brian Harrington


Scott Andreus


J.J. Wagner


Rob McGrath



1996 independent
  1. Without Your Love
  2. Wings Of Angels
  3. Coming Home
  4. Seize The Day
  5. Invention #4 In D Minor
  6. Freedom Forever
  7. Your Love Lies
  8. Voices Within
  9. Where Are You Now
  10. Running Free
  • Brian Harrington
  • Marcus Peterson
  • Brent Scott
  • J.J. Wagner
  • Doug Beary

Time Lost  
1999 independent
  1. Turn To Yesterday
  2. Shadows In My Mind
  3. West Horizon
  4. Between The Lies
  5. From The Sky
  6. Unturned Stone
  7. The Game
  8. My Nightmares
  9. Break The Silence
  • Scott Andreus
  • Marcus Peterson
  • Brent Scott
  • Rob McGrath
  • Doug Beary

Transitional Forms  
2002 independent
  1. Connection
  2. Passing Of The Night
  3. A Force To Face My Fears
  4. Silent Tears
  5. A Notion
  6. Fire Of Ancients
  7. Just Beyond My Sight
  8. Never Fade Away
  9. Tied To A Wheel
  • Scott Andreus
  • Lance King
  • Marcus Peterson
  • Brent Scott
  • Aaron Bell
  • Doug Beary

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