Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: July 14, 2005
Last update/review: April 4, 2006


Demonoid is a perfect example of what a side project should be, the core of Therion coming up with some ideas and, realizing they didn't fit with their main band, decided to up and form a side band. In short order an album, Riders Of The Apocalypse, was released, without a great deal of fanfare, as the members have somewhat downplayed the Therion connection. This makes sense, since anyone expecting traditional metal or operatic choirs will be disappointed. What Riders is, however, is an energetic slice of death-ish thrash, familiar yet not dated nor cloning anyone else in particular. Christofer Johnsson returns to the growly death vocals that he used in the earliest days of Therion, and considering he hasn't sung in this style for years, his vocals are natural and convincing. Riders isn't a particularly complex album, but it's effective and a great listen. As with all side bands, the long-term viability here is in question, since Therion is the main focus for all involved, but there does appear to be interest in touring and recording in the future.

Johnsson has decided to retire from singing in Therion, and as a result, has also stepped down from Demonoid. A replacement vocalist has been found, and the band hope to record and increase touring in the future.

Current Members

Christofer Johnsson

vocals (ex-Carbonized, ex-Messiah, Therion)

Kristian Niemann

guitars (Sorcerer, ex-Therion)

Johan Niemann

bass (ex-Evil Masquerade, Evergrey, ex-Therion)

Rickard Evansand

drums (ex-Dog Faced Gods, ex-Ebony Tears, ex-Lion's Share, ex-Sorcerer, guest for Therion)


Riders Of The Apocalypse  
2004 Nuclear Blast
  1. Wargods
  2. Firestorms
  3. Witchburners
  4. 14th Century Plagues
  5. Hunger My Consort
  6. The Evocation
  7. Arrival of the Horsemen
  8. End of Our Times
  9. Death
  • Christofer Johnsson
  • Kristian Niemann
  • Johan Niemann
  • Rickard Evansand

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