Origin: Orlando, Florida, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
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Page online: February 26, 2020
Last update/review: February 26, 2020

Druid Lord

Formed by a pair of former Acheron guys in 2010, Druid Lord debuted that year with Hymns Of The Wicked and released a few splits and EPs before returning with a proper followup eight years later with Grotesque Offerings. Their style is firmly rooted in classic doomdeath, with some forays into old-school Floridian death metal and a clear horror bent both lyrically and with the occasional background organ snippet. Nothing that hasn't been heard before, but solid for the style.

Current Members

Tony Blakk

vocals/bass (ex-Acheron)

Peter Slate

guitars (ex-Acheron)

Ben Ross


Elden Santos


Former Members/Guests

Steve Spillers



Hymns For The Wicked  
  1. Chamber of Ghastly Horror
  2. Witchfinder
  3. Castle of Count Sadist
  4. Awaken by the Dead
  5. Baron Blood
  6. Eerie Ways
  7. Gorgon Witch
  8. Circling of Vultures
  • Tony Blakk
  • Peter Slate
  • Ben Ross
  • Steve Spillers

Druid Death Cult  EP
  1. Druid Death Cult
  2. Curse of the Skull
  • Tony Blakk
  • Peter Slate
  • Ben Ross
  • Steve Spillers

Baron Blood  EP
  1. Baron Blood
  2. Monarch Macabre
  • Tony Blakk
  • Peter Slate
  • Ben Ross
  • Steve Spillers

Grotesque Offerings  
2018 Hell's Headbangers
  1. House of Dripping Gore
  2. Night Gallery
  3. Spells of the Necromancer
  4. Evil That Haunts This Ground
  5. Black Candle Séance
  6. Creature Feature
  7. Into the Crypts
  8. Murderous Mr. Hyde
  9. Last Drop of Blood
  10. Final Resting Place
  • Tony Blakk
  • Peter Slate
  • Ben Ross
  • Elden Santos

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