Origin: Toledo, Ohio, USA  
Genres: Hard Rock, Progressive Metal
Page online: March 8, 2007
Last update/review: March 8, 2007

Edwin Dare

Jeff Kollman is one of those hardworking guitarists who often make a name for themselves as either solo artists or contributing/guest players for other bands/artists. Edwin Dare was one of his main bands in the nineties, releasing three albums during that time. Much of the material on The Unthinkable Deed (their 1992 debut) is in the hard rock category, pretty accessible stuff, but there's also a clear progressive edge, due to both Kollman and bassist Kevin Chown strutting their stuff, and vocalist Bryce Barnes was no slouch either, possessing a fine hard rock voice. Why this band wasn't signed by a bigger label is unclear (Marmaduke is Kollman's own label, though all three albums did see a Japanese release), but in any case Kollman moved on, and has since recorded as a solo artist and has a new band, JKB.

Last Lineup

Bryce Barnes


Jeff Kollman


Kevin Chown

bass (ex-Artension)

Tom Kollman



The Unthinkable Deed  
1993 Marmaduke
  1. Do Me Right
  2. It's not for the world
  3. The Killer
  4. A Right And A Wrong Way
  5. Oh Darling
  6. Dont Need No Money
  7. Just a Heartbeat Away
  8. Burning Feeling
  9. Face the Truth
  10. Love Poisons the Mind
  11. Edwin Shreds
  12. When We had it All
  13. Take your Stand
  14. Waiting for the Chance
  • Bryce Barnes
  • Jeff Kollman
  • Kevin Chown
  • Tom Kollman

Can't Break Me  
1994 Marmaduke
  1. Feel the power
  2. Don't listen to your head
  3. The Backburner
  4. Never had time
  5. Lies
  6. ThisWarrior
  7. Gone And Run Away
  8. End of the Story
  9. Test of Will
  10. Can't Break Me
  • Bryce Barnes
  • Jeff Kollman
  • Kevin Chown
  • Tom Kollman

My Time To Die  
1998 Marmaduke
  1. I Feel It
  2. Obsession Of Intense ...
  3. Take Away My Heart
  4. Perfect Serenity
  5. Weight Of The World
  6. We Need To Hold On
  7. Look To The Stars
  8. My Time To Die
  9. The Monster
  10. Make Us Stronger
  • Bryce Barnes
  • Jeff Kollman
  • Kevin Chown
  • Tom Kollman

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