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Genres: Traditional Metal
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Elegant Weapons

Elegant Weapons is the second Judas Priest offshoot to appear in the 2020's, following KK's Priest, this one pairing current Priest guitarist (and, ironically, K.K. Downing's ouster) Richie Faulkner with current Rainbow frontman Ronnie Romero and (for awhile) two other noted metal veterans in fellow Priest drummer Scott Travis and Pantera bassist Rex Brown, which briefly put this band in the supergroup category. A debut album, Horns For A Halo, was quickly released, and there are plenty of late-Priest nods here, with Romero (not a Halford clone) acquitting himself well here. Predictably, there are few surprises here, it's played relatively safe, but it's still a fine traditional metal album.

Current Members

Ronnie Romero

vocals (ex-Rainbow)

Richie Faulkner

guitars (ex-Deeds, Judas Priest)

Dave Rimmer

bass (ex-Cavalar, ex-Monument)

Christopher Williams

drums (Accept)

Former Members/Guests

Rex Brown

bass (ex-Crowbar, ex-Down, ex-Kill Devil Hill, ex-Pantera)

Scott Travis

drums (ex-Fight, ex-Hawk, Judas Priest, ex-Racer X)


Horns For A Halo  
2023 Nuclear Blast
  1. Dead Man Walking
  2. Do or Die
  3. Blind Leading the Blind
  4. Ghost of You
  5. Bitter Pill
  6. Lights Out (UFO cover)
  7. Horns for a Halo
  8. Dirty Pig
  9. White Horse
  10. Downfall Rising
  • Ronnie Romero
  • Richie Faulkner
  • Rex Brown
  • Scott Travis
  • Christopher Williams

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