Origin: Keansburg, New Jersey, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
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Last update/review: March 5, 2016


Exxplorer's 1985 debut album, the aptly-titled Symphonies Of Steel, created quite a stir, receiving several fine reviews (and deservedly so) for its standout take on prime 80's metal. But the band disappeared from world view, and it would be nine long years before a less well-known followup, A Recipe For Power, would see the light of day. The lineup radically changed for their third album, Coldblackugly, and so did the musical style, melding grunge and alternative influences with their original power metal style. That version of the band broke up in 1999, and in the intervening years there have been some brief reunions, but nothing substantial until 2010, when a revamped, mostly original-member lineup emerged, eventually releasing the well-received Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse in 2011.

Current Members

Lennie Rizzo


Kevin Kennedy


Fred Gorhau


Mike Moyer


Former Members/Guests

Barry Hocking Jr.


Ed Lavolpe


Jimmy Gardner


Jay McCaffrey



Symphonies Of Steel  
1985 Black Dragon
  1. City Streets
  2. Prelusion
  3. Run For Tomorrow
  4. Exxplorer
  5. World War III
  6. Going To Hell
  7. Objection Overruled
  8. Metal Detectors
  9. X-Termination
  • Lennie Rizzo
  • Ed Lavolpe
  • Kevin Kennedy
  • Jimmy Gardner
  • Mike Moyer

A Recipe For Power  
1994 Massacre
  1. Rockin Bound
  2. Life's Seduction
  3. One
  4. Bible Black
  5. Smelling The Roses
  6. Rock The Nation
  7. Beg, Borrow, And Steel
  8. Just A Dream
  9. Ride The Storm
  • Lennie Rizzo
  • Ed Lavolpe
  • Kevin Kennedy
  • Jimmy Gardner
  • Mike Moyer

1996 Massacre
  1. Disfigured
  2. Erotopathic
  3. Fixed And Dilated
  4. Seething In Oblivion
  5. Acrostic I
  6. Van Gogh's Ear
  7. Snake And Scorpion
  8. Acrostic 2
  9. Billion Dollar Babies
  10. Acrostic 3
  11. Bloodletting
  12. Poor Man
  13. My Noose
  14. That One Hopeful Song
  • Barry Hocking Jr.
  • Ed Lavolpe
  • Fred Gorhau
  • Jay McCaffrey
  • Mike Moyer

Vengeance Rides An Angry Horse  
2011 Pure Steel
  1. Gypsy
  2. Glory Hunter
  3. Chasing The High
  4. The Vengeance
  5. As The Crow Flies
  6. S.N.O.E
  7. Valley Of Doom
  8. Spirits Of The Wind
  9. Freight Train To Hell
  10. Return Of The Cycle
  • Lennie Rizzo
  • Kevin Kennedy
  • Jimmy Gardner
  • Mike Moyer
2011 Readers' Album #23

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