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Genres: Traditional Metal
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David "Rock" Feinstein has an illustrious hard rock past. His cousin was none other than Ronnie James Dio, with whom he played in the seventies in the band Elf before a successful run with The Rods in the eighties. After more than a decade away from the scene, Feinstein the man was back, with a new band featuring noted singer John West, formerly of Artension and Royal Hunt. The group's 2003 album, Third Wish, shows that the man still has some chops left, even though the unabashed 80's worship on display isn't exactly contemporary. This isn't a Rods rehash, as Third Wish has a more classy feel than the blue-collar style of the Rods, but Feinstein's guitar work is quite all right, and the rest of the band make solid contributions as well. 80's purists who might be tired of the more upbeat Euro style of metal would do well to seek out this album.

Current Members

John West

vocals (ex-Artension, ex-Royal Hunt)

David "Rock" Feinstein

guitars (The Rods)

Jeff Howell


Bob Twining


Nate Horton



Third Wish  
2003 Magic Circle
  1. Regeneration
  2. Rebelution
  3. Streaming Star
  4. Third Wish
  5. Rule The World
  6. Masquerade
  7. Far Beyond
  8. Poison Ivy
  9. Live To Ride, Ride To Live
  10. Firefighter
  11. Inferno
  • John West
  • David "Rock" Feinstein
  • Jeff Howell
  • Bob Twining
  • Nate Horton

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