Origin: Nancy, France  
Genres: Death Metal, Progressive Metal
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Page online: May 1, 2022
Last update/review: May 1, 2022

Fractal Universe

France's Fractal Universe has been making waves since their 2015 indie EP release, eventually attracting the interest of Metal Blade Records in 2019. With a name like Fractal Universe and similarly obtuse album and song titles, one would expect technical music of some sort, and these guys are all about that, rooted firmly in the progressive/technical death metal field. On 2021's The Impassable Horizon the band's entire arsenal is on display -- plenty of noodly guitar wizardry, some dissonant/jazzy riffs, a bit of djenty rhythms, both clean and harsh vocals, even the occasional sax break. Predictably, the songs tend to bleed into each other, but within each track there is enough variety to avoid tedium setting in. A standout technical metal band.

Current Members

Vince Wilquin


Hugo Florimond


Valentin Pelletier


Clément Denys



Buondaries Of Reality  EP
2015 independent
  1. Mourning the Loss of a Dim Glance
  2. Tears of Misanthropy
  3. Boundaries of Reality
  4. Starless Aether
  • Vince Wilquin
  • Hugo Florimond
  • Valentin Pelletier

Engram Of Decline  
2017 Kolony
  1. Premiss to Reality
  2. Sons of Ignorance
  3. Scar Legacy of Hatred
  4. Parricidal Ghosts
  5. Venomous Coils of a Holy Fallacy
  6. Backworldsmen
  7. A Name to Deny
  8. Narcissistic Loop
  9. Decline
  10. Collective Engram
  • Vince Wilquin
  • Hugo Florimond
  • Valentin Pelletier
  • Clément Denys

Rhizomes Of Insanity  
2019 Metal Blade
  1. Oneiric Realisations
  2. Flashes of Potentialities
  3. Rising Oblivion
  4. A Reality to Foreclose
  5. Masterpiece's Parallelism
  6. Parabola of Silence
  7. Madness' Arabesques
  8. Architectural Aberrations
  9. Fundamental Dividing Principle
  10. Chiasmus of the Damned
  11. Collective Engram
  • Vince Wilquin
  • Hugo Florimond
  • Valentin Pelletier
  • Clément Denys

Rhizomes Live  LIVE
2020 Metal Blade
  1. Intro
  2. Oneiric Realisations
  3. Flashes of Potentialities
  4. Rising Oblivion
  5. A Reality to Foreclose
  6. Masterpiece's Parallelism
  7. Parabola of Silence
  8. Madness' Arabesques
  9. Architectural Aberrations
  10. Fundamental Dividing Principle
  11. Chiasmus of the Damned
  12. Tears of Misanthropy
  • Vince Wilquin
  • Hugo Florimond
  • Valentin Pelletier
  • Clément Denys

The Impassable Horizon  
  1. Autopoiesis
  2. A Clockwork Expectation
  3. Interfering Spherical Scenes
  4. Symmetrical Masquerade
  5. Falls of the Earth
  6. Withering Snowdrops
  7. Black Sails of Melancholia
  8. A Cosmological Arch
  9. Epitaph
  10. Godless Machinists
  11. Flashes of Potentialities (acoustic)
  12. A Clockwork Expectation (radio edit)
  • Vince Wilquin
  • Hugo Florimond
  • Valentin Pelletier
  • Clément Denys

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