Origin: San Francisco, California, USA  
Genres: Industrial
Last update/review: November 21, 2000


Grotus are the kind of band that probably don't consider themselves a metal band at all (and in some respects they aren't), but have interesting style that should appeal to many a metal fan. Combining industrial influences with a cool, bass-heavy groove, Grotus sound like no one else I've ever heard. Of their three albums, Slow Motion Apocalypse is probably their most consistent, though all three are quite recommended. A brilliant band, one of the best of the '90s. The band broke up in early 1997 due to problems with their record company. There were reports of band members starting other projects, but (to my knowledge) nothing has come of this.

Last Lineup

Lars Fox


Adam Tanner


John Carson


Bruce Boyd



1991 Spirit Music
  1. brown
  2. malthusela
  3. a city of the dead
  4. las vegas power grid
  5. pharmaceutical
  6. edward abbey
  7. daisy chain
  8. valhalla's celtic robbie
  9. you fit the suit
  10. full metal grotus
  11. new york strip
  12. rust
  13. morning-glory

Brown Club Product  EP
1992 Spirit Music

Luddite  EP
1992 Spirit Music
  1. Luddite
  2. Marginal
  3. Shelf Life
  4. What in the World

Slow Motion Apocalypse  
1993 Alternative Tentacles
  1. Up Rose The Mountain
  2. Good Evening
  3. The Same Old Sauce
  4. Hourglass
  5. Shivayanama
  6. Complications
  7. Kali Yugo
  8. Clean
  9. Sleepwalking
  10. Medicine
  11. Slow Motion Apocalypse

Opiate Of The Masses (remixes)  EP
1994 Alternative Tentacles

Handjob (remixes)  EP
1995 London
  1. A Bad Itch
  2. Ebola Reston
  3. Ain't Nobody's Business
  4. Ebola Reston (Beat Meat Mix)
  5. Ebola Reston (Touch My Monkey)

1996 London
  1. That's Entertainment
  2. A Bad Itch
  3. White Trash Blues
  4. Ebola Reston
  5. Hand To Mouth
  6. T'ain't Nobody's Bizness If I Do
  7. Sick
  8. Collect 'Em All
  9. Wild Bill
  10. The Bottom Line
  11. Back In The Day

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