Origin: Vicenza, Italy  
Genres: Power Metal, Progressive Metal
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Page online: July 5, 2019
Last update/review: July 5, 2019

Hollow Haze

Hollow Haze hails from Vicenza, Italy, and was founded in 2003, with guitarist Nick Savio the one constant member over the years. Interestingly, the vocalist position has been in a state of near-constant flux, with five guys manning the mic over the course of six albums, including two well-travelled and respected metal singers in Reviewed here is the band's sixth album, 2015's Memories Of An Ancient Time, a well-crafted if standard symphonic progressive-tinged power metal mold in the finest Italian tradition. one would expect, and musically the band covers all the prog/power metal bases -- per usual, this isn't groundbreaking from an originality standpoint, but Hollow Haze should be added to any power metal fan's checklist.

Current Members

Giorgia Colleluori

vocals (Sinner)

Nick Savio

guitars/keyboards (ex-White Skull)

Dave Cestaro


Simone Giorgini


Camillo Colleluori

drums (ex-Garden Wall)

Former Members/Guests

Dan Keying


Ivan Rave


Allesandro Sonato


Fabio Lione

vocals (Angra, ex-Labyrinth, ex-Rhapsody Of Fire, Turilli/Lione Rhapsody, ex-Vision Divine)

Mats Levén (guest)

vocals (ex-Abstrakt Algebra, ex-At Vance, ex-Candlemass, Krux, ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, guest for Opera Diabolicus)

Matt Cingano


Simone Scardanzan


Paolo Veronese



Hollow Haze  
2006 My Graveyard
  1. Dark & Shadows
  2. Breathless
  3. Final Contest
  4. Easy Road
  5. Hollow Haze
  6. Deceit for All
  7. Waiting
  8. Black Rainbow
  9. Illusion Around
  10. Near the End
  11. Until Your Heaven
  • Dan Keying
  • Nick Savio
  • Matt Cingano
  • Paolo Veronese

The Hanged Man  
2008 Crash & Burn
  1. Easy Road
  2. Burnt Desire
  3. Coming Back
  4. Breathless
  5. Pretender
  6. Waiting
  7. Final Contest
  8. Senses Roam
  9. Lonely Dreamer
  10. Illusion Around
  11. Dark
  • Ivan Rave
  • Nick Savio
  • Matt Cingano
  • Simone Scardanzan
  • Paolo Veronese

End Of A Dark Era  
2010 Crash & Burn
  1. Every Single Word
  2. Open Your Eyes
  3. Pain
  4. Coming from Hell
  5. Running
  6. Hot Blood
  7. Dark Night
  8. Born to Be Alive
  9. Gates of Babylon (Rainbow cover)
  10. Beyond
  • Allesandro Sonato
  • Nick Savio
  • Dave Cestaro
  • Simone Giorgini
  • Camillo Colleluori

Poison In Black  
2012 Bakerteam
  1. Rise Above (Intro)
  2. Tears of Pain
  3. Never Turn Back
  4. Haunting the Sinner
  5. Lords of World
  6. Hit in Time
  7. Chained
  8. Pray for You
  9. Remorse
  10. Voodoo Rites
  11. Snowblind
  12. Headless Cross (Black Sabbath cover)
  • Allesandro Sonato
  • Nick Savio
  • Dave Cestaro
  • Simone Giorgini
  • Camillo Colleluori

Countdown To Revenge  
2013 Scarlet
  1. Room 212
  2. Watching in Silence
  3. Still Alive
  4. No Rest for the Angels
  5. Life Has No Meaning
  6. We Must Believe
  7. The Answer
  8. Il Tempo del Fuoco
  9. A Fading Angel's Life
  10. Countdown to Revenge
  11. The Gate to Nowhere...
  • Fabio Lione
  • Nick Savio
  • Dave Cestaro
  • Simone Giorgini
  • Camillo Colleluori

Memories Of An Ancient Time  
2015 Scarlet
  1. Out in the Darkness (Intro)
  2. Rain of Fire Lights
  3. Created to Live
  4. An Ancient Story
  5. A New Era
  6. Night Is Calling
  7. Angeli di Fuoco
  8. Silvertown
  9. Eyes of the Sphinx
  10. Lance of Destiny
  11. Demon
  12. Gate to the Eternity
  • Mats LevĂ©n
  • Nick Savio
  • Dave Cestaro
  • Camillo Colleluori

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