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Genres: Metalcore
Page online: January 16, 2016
Last update/review: April 25, 2021

Killer Be Killed

Max Cavalera is a busy man. Already fronting both Soulfly and Cavalera, he decided to hook up with The Dillinger Escape Plan mainman Greg Puciato in a new project, eventually roping in Mastodon bassist Troy Sanders and christening the band Killer Be Killed. The guys stated that the sound would bring in influences from all the members, and that's the case, as 2014's Killer Be Killed doesn't directly sound like any of the aforementioned bands but fans of said bands would feel at home here. The style is loosely in the metalcore field if a single genre must be named, the songs are harsh and heavy, with clean and metalcore vocals shared equally. Collaborations like this are often one-offs, and with the band being silent for several years that appeared to be the case here, but in 2020 a second album, featuring the Cavalera/Puciato/Sanders core but also Converge/Mutoid Man drummer Ben Koller, was released, entitled Reluctant Hero.

Current Members

Max Cavalera

guitars/vocals (Cavalera, ex-Nailbomb, ex-Sepultura, Soulfly)

Greg Puciato

guitars/vocals (ex-The Dillinger Escape Plan)

Troy Sanders

bass/vocals (Mastodon)

Ben Koller

drums (Mutoid Man)

Former Members/Guests

Juan Montoya (guest)

guitars (ex-Torche)

Dave Elitch



Killer Be Killed  
2014 Nuclear Blast
  1. Wings of Feather and Wax
  2. Face Down
  3. Melting of My Marrow
  4. Snakes of Jehova
  5. Curb Crusher
  6. Save the Robots
  7. Fire to Your Flag
  8. I.E.D.
  9. Dust into Darkness
  10. Twelve Labors
  11. Forbidden Fire
  12. Ghosts of Chernobyl (vinyl only)
  • Max Cavalera
  • Greg Puciato
  • Juan Montoya
  • Troy Sanders
  • Dave Elitch

Reluctant Hero  
2020 Nuclear Blast
  1. Deconstructing Self-Destruction
  2. Dream Gone Bad
  3. Left of Center
  4. Inner Calm from Outer Storms
  5. Filthy Vagabond
  6. From a Crowded Wound
  7. The Great Purge
  8. Comfort from Nothing
  9. Animus
  10. Dead Limbs
  11. Reluctant Hero
  • Max Cavalera
  • Greg Puciato
  • Troy Sanders
  • Ben Koller

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