Origin: USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
Last update/review: July 10, 2004


LeMans was created essentially as a made-for-Shrapnel Records band, debuting with On The Streets in 1983. Typical of Shrapnel releases, the focus was on flashy guitar work, here courtesy of the duo of Josh Ramos and Derek Frigo, along with rather cliched American hard rock vocals/lyrics and standard Priest-ish songwriting, resulting in a rather pedestrian album overall. They managed to gain a major label contract for their second and last album, simply entitled LeMans, by which time the style had apparently shifted, towards a more AOR-oriented sound. The various band members have been involved in several bands since they disbanded, among them Enuff Z'Nuff (Frigo), Starship (Bloomfield), 9.0 (Marrino), The Storm (Ramos), and others.

Last Lineup

Peter Marrino

vocals (ex-Cacophony)

Derek Frigo

guitars RIP: May 28, 2004, drug overdose, age 37

Josh Ramos


Brett Bloomfield


Ken Stavropoulos


Former Members/Guests

Richard Burns



On The Streets  
1983 Shrapnel
  1. Live To Rock
  2. On The Streets
  3. Nervous Breakdown
  4. Outside Looking In
  5. Get Him Out Of Here
  6. Hard As A Rock
  7. Take Me Down
  8. Hells Halls
  9. Computer Defense
  • Peter Marrino
  • Derek Frigo
  • Josh Ramos
  • Richard Burns
  • Ken Stavropoulos

1985 Columbia
  1. Love Lies
  2. Don't Wanna Work
  3. Love Is A Waste Of Time
  4. Never Wanna See You Cry
  5. Addicted
  6. Chain Around Your Heart
  7. Bad Reputation
  8. Life Of Rock n' Roll
  9. Misunderstanding
  10. Sex, Guitars & Rock n' Roll
  • Peter Marrino
  • Derek Frigo
  • Josh Ramos
  • Brett Bloomfield
  • Ken Stavropoulos

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