Origin: Kentucky, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: March 8, 2015


Formed in Kentucky in 1982 by the Cook brothers Eric and Glen, Lethal scored some fine reviews for their 1990 debut, Programmed, a solid progressive metal album in the early Queensryche mold. It would be five years before a followup EP (Your Favorite God) was released, followed by Poison Seed a year later in 1996. By this time, though, a major style change had occurred, the band dropping the Queensryche/progressive tendencies and instead opting for a heavier, slightly grunge influence instead. Whether because of the style change or not, they disappeared from view soon afterward. They came back together in June 2006, and are apparently still active.

Current Members

Tom Malicoat


Chris Brown


David McElfresh


Glen Cook


Jerry Hartman


Former Members/Guests

Eric Cook

guitars RIP: August 25, 2012, lung cancer, age 48

Dell Hull



1990 Metal Blade
  1. Fire In Your Skin
  2. Programmed
  3. Plan of Peace
  4. Another Day
  5. Arrival
  6. What They've Done
  7. Obscure the Sky
  8. Immune
  9. Pray For Me
  10. Killing Machine
  • Tom Malicoat
  • Eric Cook
  • Dell Hull
  • Glen Cook
  • Jerry Hartman
1990 Readers' Album #30

Your Favorite God  EP
1995 Bullet
  1. Swim or Drown
  2. Waiting On The Kill
  3. The Page Before
  4. Hard To Breathe
  5. The Real
  6. Balancing Act
  • Tom Malicoat
  • Eric Cook
  • David McElfresh
  • Glen Cook
  • Jerry Hartman

Poison Seed  
1996 Massacre
  1. Down
  2. Bitter Taste
  3. Born
  4. Walking Wounded
  5. Poison Seed
  6. Watch Me Feed
  7. Meaning
  8. Now
  9. Your Favorite God
  10. Odd Shaped Pearl
  • Tom Malicoat
  • Eric Cook
  • David McElfresh
  • Glen Cook
  • Jerry Hartman
1996 Readers' Album #68

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