Origin: Connecticut, USA  
Genres: 80's Metal
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Last update/review: March 16, 2024

Liege Lord

Though not quite making the big time, Connecticut's Liege Lord forged a fine mid-level career in the late 80's, proving to be a fine representative of classic American 80's power metal. They formed in 1982 and received critical acclaim for their 1985 debut Freedom's Rise, first released on the low-budget Azra label before being picked up by the French label Black Dragon, significantly helping their cause overseas. Signing to Metal Blade, they released two more albums before hanging it up in 1990. They did reform for a few shows, including the famous Wacken Open Air festival, in 2000, and later a new version of the band came together in 2012 and has remained active since.

Current Members

Joe Comeau

vocals (ex-Annihilator, Duskmachine, ex-Overkill, ex-Tad Morose)

Tony Truglio


Danny Wacker


Van Williams

drums (guest for Ashes Of Ares, Ghost Ship Octavius, ex-Nevermore)

Former Members/Guests

Andy Michaud


Pete McCarthy


Paul Nelson

guitars RIP: March 10, 2024, heart attack

Matt Vinci


Frank Cortese



Freedom's Rise  
1985 Black Dragon
  1. Prodigy
  2. Wielding Iron Fists
  3. Dark Tale
  4. Amnesty
  5. Rage of Angels
  6. Vials of Wrath
  7. Warriors Farewell
  8. For the King
  9. Legionnaire
  • Andy Michaud
  • Tony Truglio
  • Pete McCarthy
  • Matt Vinci
  • Frank Cortese

Burn To My Touch  
1987 Metal Blade
  1. Transgressor
  2. Birds of Prey
  3. Cast Out
  4. Portrait of Despair
  5. Black Lit Nights
  6. The Manic.s Mask
  7. Legend
  8. Walking Fire
  9. Speed of Sound
  • Andy Michaud
  • Tony Truglio
  • Paul Nelson
  • Matt Vinci
  • Frank Cortese

Master Control  
1988 Metal Blade
  1. Fear Itself
  2. Eye of the Storm
  3. Master Control
  4. Kill the King
  5. Soldiers of Fortune
  6. Feel the Blade
  7. Broken Wasteland
  8. Rapture
  9. Suspicion
  10. Fall Out
  • Joe Comeau
  • Tony Truglio
  • Paul Nelson
  • Matt Vinci
  • Frank Cortese

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