Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: April 24, 2007
Last update/review: December 31, 2015


Lupara was formed by ex-Broken Hope guitarist Jeremy Wagner shortly after that band's initial breakup around 2002. The self-titled debut, released in 2006, showed that Wagner was still into death metal but perhaps a less twisted version, relying more on midpaced rhythms and even a bit of groove rather than going overboard with brutal riffing. Make no mistake, this was still death metal, especially given Craig Goss' roaring vocals, and probably of interest to Broken Hope fans as well as death metal fans in general. Wagner rejoined Broken Hope some time later, so this appears to be a one-off side project.

Last Lineup

Ryan Richards


Jeremy Wagner

guitars (Broken Hope)

Tom Brandner

guitars (ex-Num Skull)

Mark Ruehle


Scott Creekmore

drums (ex-Num Skull)

Former Members/Guests

Craig Gross


Mark Paige



2006 Crash Music
  1. Four Leaves War
  2. No Pity on the Ants
  3. As the Darkness Surrounds
  4. Now Your Suffering Ends
  5. Today is a Good Day to Die
  6. Killing the Fool
  7. The Ashes in your Mouth
  8. Silencing the Angels
  9. Deepest of Wounds
  10. Blood of the Uncut
  11. The Reflections that Bleed
  • Craig Gross
  • Jeremy Wagner
  • Tom Brandner
  • Mark Paige
  • Scott Creekmore

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