Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Viking Metal, Black Metal
Last update/review: October 28, 2001


Mithotyn was a Swedish black metal band with pronounced Viking/folklore influences. Most of the vocals are of the typical black metal shrieking variety, which tends to get kind of samey, though there are some almost Manowar-ish backing choirs here and there that are nice. The pace of the songs varies from mid-paced to speedy, with enough variance to not be too monotonous. Mithotyn were neither totally generic nor really all that original, resulting in a mid-level career that was officially terminated sometime in 1999. Guitarist Stefan Weinerhall has since formed Falconer.

Last Lineup

Rickard Martinsson


Stefan Weinerhall

guitars (ex-Falconer)

Karl Beckmann


Karsten Larsson

drums (ex-Dawn, ex-Falconer)


In The Sign Of The Ravens  
1997 Invasion
  1. Upon raging waves
  2. In the sign of the ravens
  3. Shadows of the past
  4. Lost in the mist
  5. Embraced by frost
  6. In the forest of moonlight
  7. Tills dagen gryr
  8. Strories carved in stone
  9. Freezing storms of snow
  10. Where my spirit forever shall be
  11. Let thy ale swing

King Of The Distant Forest  
1997 Invasion
  1. King of the distant forest
  2. Hail me
  3. From the frozen plains
  4. On misty pathways
  5. The legacy
  6. Trollvisa
  7. Under the banner
  8. We march
  9. The vengeance
  10. Masters of wilderness
  11. In a time of tales

Gathered Around The Oaken Table  
1999 Invasion
  1. Lord of ironhand
  2. Watchmen of the wild
  3. In the clash of arms
  4. Hearts of stone
  5. The well of mimir
  6. Chariot of power
  7. Nocturnal riders
  8. The guardian
  9. Imprisoned
  10. Guided by history
  11. The old rover

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