Origin: Stockholm, Sweden  
Genres: Stoner Rock, Progressive Metal
Page online: October 23, 2021
Last update/review: October 23, 2021

New Keepers Of The Water Towers

This enigmatic Swedish band with the mouthful for a name started out around 2007, initially working in a more stoner/doom mold. For a time they went by just New Keepers, and as such recorded two EPs before a submission found its way to MeteorCity Records, who packaged the two recordings into one compilation as Chronicles, with the band returning to their full name at that time. Since then they've recorded three albums, with the latter two (2013's Cosmic Child and 2016's Infernal Machine) notable both for being outstanding albums but also being not terribly similar to each other. Cosmic Child sees the guys broadening their earlier Mastodon-ish style to more drawn-out epics, bordering on progressive doom, and Infernal Machine takes that progression to another level, a largely instrumental effort with a strong cinematic/soundtrack feel. These guys are clearly operating on their own terms and within a space virtually all to themselves -- probably not a recipe for superstardom, but it does make for great music.

Current Members

Rasmus Booberg


Victor Berg


Björn Andersson


Adam Forsgren


Tor Sjödén



Chronicles Of The Massive Boar  EP
  1. Enter the Great Forest
  2. Giant Subway Beast
  3. The Srafing Lobster
  4. The Three-headed Cow
  5. The Knowleadgeble Kangaroo
  6. The Monument
  7. Fall of the Massive Boar (Pt.1)
  8. Fall of the Massive Boar (Pt.2)

The Chronicles Of Iceman  EP
  1. Mastercklaw
  2. Awrecktion
  3. Pursuit of Yeti
  4. Scientists and the Man of Ice
  5. Rise of the Lizard King
  6. Flight of the Reptilians
  7. New Sleepers

2009 MeteorCity
  1. Awrecktion
  2. Mastercklaw
  3. Pursuit of Yeti
  4. Scientists and the Man of Ice
  5. Rise of the Lizard King
  6. Flight of the Reptilians
  7. New Sleepers
  8. Enter the Great Forest
  9. Giant Subway Beast
  10. The Strafing Lobster
  11. The Three Headed Cow
  12. The Knowledgeable Kangaroo
  13. The Monument
  14. Fall of the Massive Boar Pt. 1
  15. Fall of the Massive Boar Pt. 2

The Calydonian Hunt  
2011 MeteorCity
  1. Abyssal Lord
  2. The Calydonian Hunt
  3. Mankind's Fall
  4. Arise, the Serpent
  5. The Call from Cosmos
  6. Crystal Lake
  7. Return of Ziz
  8. Fire Breather
  9. The Sword in the Stone
  • Rasmus Booberg
  • Victor Berg
  • Tor Sjödén

Cosmic Child  
2013 Listenable
  1. The Great Leveller
  2. Visions of Death
  3. Pyre for the Red Sage
  4. Cosmosis
  5. Lapse
  6. The Cosmic Child
  • Rasmus Booberg
  • Victor Berg
  • Tor Sjödén

Infernal Machine  
2016 Listenable
  1. The Forever War
  2. Tracks over Carcosa
  3. Tachyon Deep
  4. Misantropin kallar
  5. Escape Aleph Minor
  6. Jorden
  7. This Infernal Machine
  • Rasmus Booberg
  • Victor Berg
  • Björn Andersson
  • Adam Forsgren
  • Tor Sjödén

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