Origin: England  
Last update/review: May 23, 2001

Nero Circus

A curious release, Nero Circus' Human Pigs is difficult to categorize. There are elements of thrash (guitar work) and vocals reminiscent of Alice In Chains, but the band is neither thrash nor grunge, and they don't sound anything like Hellbastard (the former band of two members) either. The songs are mostly midpaced, with crunchy guitars and vocals ranging from the aforementioned AIC style to a more hoarse growl. A band that might have developed into something special, but they broke up soon after the release of the album. As of May 2001 former guitarist Ollie Stygall was playing in a band called Conrad, who have self-released an album.

Last Lineup

Shaun Marshall


Malcolm S. Lewty

guitars/backing vocals (Hellbastard)

Olivier Stygall

guitars/backing vocals

Phillip Treise


Brian Newton

drums (ex-Hellbastard)


Human Pigs  
1995 Godhead
  1. Nero Value
  2. Leeches
  3. Six
  4. Salt In The Wound
  5. Not My Equal
  6. Human Pigs
  7. Our Star
  8. Kicked In The Face
  9. Hardline
  10. Taste The Ice Pick
  11. Presure Valve
  12. Outro
  • Shaun Marshall
  • Malcolm S. Lewty
  • Olivier Stygall
  • Phillip Treise
  • Brian Newton

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