Origin: Florida, USA  
Genres: Hard Rock
Last update/review: July 30, 2006


Neurotica was formed in 1995 by Shawn Bowen and Kelly Shaefer, the latter only a couple of years removed from his prior band, the mighty prog/deathsters Atheist. They caught their first break when none other than AC/DC's Brian Johnson caught one of their shows and was inspired to help the band out, going so far as to produce their debut album. Several years later came another break, in the form of extensive Ozzfest appearances that heightened their popularity, eventually leading to their being signed by WWE's new Smackdown Records label for their third, and last, album. Musically, Neurotica has nothing to offer old Atheist fans, as there is no sign of death metal here. Instead, the focus is on high-energy loud hard rock, with a slight grunge influence that might remind one of a more upbeat Alice In Chains (musically, not vocally). Shaefer has a fine, gruff, forceful vocal style that suits this music perfectly. Though the album garnered some good reviews, the band decided to not to continue, and broke up somewhere around late 2002. As late as 2004 Shaefer indicated an interest to revive the band, but as of this writing he is focused on the reunited Atheist.

Last Lineup

Kelly Shaefer

vocals (Atheist)

Shawn Bowen


Chris Rollo


Migwell Przybyl


Jason West

drums (ex-Pitbull Daycare)

Former Members/Guests

Louis Polito


G.J. Bosman



1998 NMG
  1. Deadly Sin
  2. Two Worlds
  3. If
  4. Easy Speak
  5. Cornucopia
  6. Evenings Away
  7. Watered Down
  8. Invisible Path
  9. Now
  10. Mink
  11. Free
  12. One Day
  13. Genius to Lunatic
  • Kelly Shaefer
  • Shawn Bowen
  • Louis Polito
  • Migwell Przybyl
  • G.J. Bosman

Living In Dog Years  
1999 NMG
  1. Ride of Your Life
  2. Don't Blow it Away
  3. Living in Dog Years
  4. Stars in My Eyes
  5. Up in The Hay
  6. Touch The Sound
  7. Those Dayz/These Dayz
  8. Time Inflator
  9. Said She
  10. A Lot Of The Same
  11. I Like it (one way)
  • Kelly Shaefer
  • Shawn Bowen
  • Louis Polito
  • Migwell Przybyl
  • G.J. Bosman

2002 Smackdown
  1. Ride Of Your Life
  2. (I Feel) Down
  3. Don't Blow It Away
  4. All My Friends Crush You
  5. Stars In My Eyes
  6. Living In Dog Years
  7. Touch The Sound
  8. Said She
  9. Up In The Hay
  10. A Lot Of The Same
  11. I Like It (One Way)
  • Kelly Shaefer
  • Shawn Bowen
  • Chris Rollo
  • Migwell Przybyl
  • Jason West

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