Origin: USA  
Genres: Power Metal
Last update/review: June 3, 2012


Onward is a band featuring guitar hero Toby Knapp, who first recorded as a solo artist on the Shrapnel label (the album was entitled Guitar Distortion). The band specializes in melodic power metal field (think Destiny's End), with Knapp's flashy guitarwork and Michael Grant's well-suited vocals the highlights. A tad more originality wouldn't be amiss here, as there really isn't a lot here that hasn't been heard before, but with flawless musicianship and production, both Evermoving and Reawaken were winners in this field. They announced their breakup in July of 2003 following the termination of their contract with Century Media, though Knapp briefly put a new lineup together in 2007, around the same time that a third album, Neverending Sun (recorded in 2003 with the old lineup) was released. Finally, in early 2012, Knapp recruited two new members for a new version of the band.

Current Members

Dean Sternberg

vocals/bass (ex-Violent Storm)

Toby Knapp


Andy Jones


Former Members/Guests

Michael Grant

vocals (Crescent Shield, ex-Cypher Seer, ex-Legend Maker) RIP: May 31, 2012, acute illness, age 39

Randy LaFrance


Chris Payette


Jon Pereau



2001 Century Media
  1. The Kindness of Strangers
  2. Onward
  3. The Waterfall Enchantress
  4. The Last Sunset
  5. Absolution Mine
  6. Witches Winter Eternal
  7. Storm Coming Soon
  8. The Lost Side of the World
  • Michael Grant
  • Toby Knapp
  • Randy LaFrance
  • Jon Pereau

2002 Century Media
  1. Reawaken
  2. Night
  3. Seven Tides of Labyrinthine
  4. Where Evil Follows
  5. Eye of the Nightmare
  6. My Darkest Room
  7. In Due Time
  8. Clockwork Toy
  9. Who Saw the Last Star Fall
  10. The Next Triumph
  11. Pt 2: Reawakening
  • Michael Grant
  • Toby Knapp
  • Chris Payette
  • Jon Pereau

The Neverending Sun  
2007 Metalbolic
  1. Beyond The Strong
  2. Feast For The Reaper
  3. Mind Bomb
  4. The Neverending Sun
  5. The Wrong Man
  6. Dawn Of Our Only Day
  7. Acts Of Aphrodaesia
  8. No Miracles For Me
  9. Triad
  10. Front Line Away (bonus)
  11. Sleeper's Island (bonus)
  12. The Day That Nothing Died (bonus)
  • Michael Grant
  • Toby Knapp
  • Chris Payette
  • Jon Pereau

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