Origin: Sheffield, England  
Genres: NWOBHM
Page online: November 7, 2009
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Phoenix Rising

Phoenix Rising was just one of many British bands to emerge during the NWOBHM period of the early eighties. Playing a more laid-back, hard-rock version of Brit metal, they released a self-titled EP on their own label in 1983 and broke up a couple of years later (the later CD, The Live Session, was recording during this period as well). Years later, guitarist Pete Bangert put together a new version of the band in honor of original drummer Danny Spencer, who had died of leukemia. A tape (later put on CD) entitled Leukaemia Research Benefit Tape, consisting of four covers and one new track, was released by this second version of the band in 1992, and they gigged for a number of years after that.

Last Lineup

Mel Day


Pete Bangert


Nick Parfrey


Gordon Henderson


Former Members/Guests

Jack Bunker


Chris Hamilton


Danny Spencer

drums (ex-Saracen) RIP: December 31, 1990, leukemia


Phoenix Rising  EP
1983 self-released
  1. Lonely Attack
  2. The Minstrel
  3. Understanding
  4. Phoenix Rising
  • Jack Bunker
  • Pete Bangert
  • Chris Hamilton
  • Danny Spencer

Leukaemia Benefit Research Tape  
1992 self-released
  1. Heartbreaker
  2. What Is and What Should Never Be
  3. Keeper of the Light
  4. Electric Chair
  5. Stormbringer
  • Mel Day
  • Pete Bangert
  • Nick Parfrey
  • Gordon Henderson

The Live Session  
1994 self-released
  1. Understanding
  2. 'Bout the Time
  3. See Ya Babe
  4. The Minstrel
  5. So Easy
  6. Lonely Attack
  7. Stormbringer
  8. Phoenix Rising
  • Jack Bunker
  • Pete Bangert
  • Chris Hamilton
  • Danny Spencer

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