Origin: Denver, Colorado, USA  
Genres: Progressive Metal
Last update/review: December 12, 2005

The Quiet Room

The Quiet Room had a short run in the late nineties, releasing two albums on the Metal Blade label in 1998 and 2000. Musically they were a classic progressive metal band, drawing influences from Fates Warning and Dream Theater mixed with their own unique stylings. The band seemed to have it together but couldn't make it to the next level, and so they broke up in April of 2002. Several members were later seen in a followup band called Negative Four. That band lasted for a couple of years, even going so far as to record (but not release) an album, but they disbanded in August of 2005.

Last Lineup

Pete Jewell

vocals RIP: June 25, 2005, suicide

Jason Boudreau


George Glasco


Rob Munshower


Jeff Janeczko


Graeme Wood


Former Members/Guests

Chadd Castor


Josh Luebbers


Mike Rice



1998 Dominion
  1. A Different Scene
  2. Grudge
  3. Second Time Around
  4. Altered Past
  5. Drowning
  6. Laughing at Your Expense
  7. Holding On
  8. Extramental
  9. Suspended Sounds
  10. Undetermined
  • Chadd Castor
  • Jason Boudreau
  • George Glasco
  • Josh Luebbers
  • Jeff Janeczko
  • Mike Rice

2000 Metal Blade
  1. Choke on me
  2. Suffercation
  3. Your Hate
  4. Reason for Change
  5. Realms of Deceit
  6. Controlling Nation
  7. Room 15
  8. Less than Zero
  9. Face Your Judgment
  10. This Pain
  11. Two Minutes Hate
  • Pete Jewell
  • Jason Boudreau
  • George Glasco
  • Rob Munshower
  • Jeff Janeczko
  • Graeme Wood

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