Origin: Finland  
Genres: Goth Rock/Metal
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Last update/review: August 17, 2006

Rain Paint

Rain Paint was formed in 2002, as an outlet for some members of FragileHollow (another Finnish goth band) to pursue a slightly different direction. Normally the phrase "Finnish goth" brings to mind any number of similarly-minded bands (H.I.M., To/Die/For, et al), and while there are clearly some similarities to such bands found on Rain Paint's debut album Nihil Nisi Mors, there is also more doom and progressive elements, with some similarities to bands such as recent Katatonia or perhaps Anathema. Recorded as a trio with several guest players, Nihil doesn't quite break the Finnish goth mold completely, but it's a fine debut album with just enough individuality to avoid the sounds-like-the-others tag.

Last Lineup

Aleksi Ahokas

vocals/guitars/bass (ex-Rapture)

Sami Koikkalainen


Tim Toivanen



Nihil Nisi Mors  
2003 My Kingdom
  1. Forbidden Love
  2. Rain Paint
  3. Death Drive & Fear
  4. Sleeping Beauty
  5. Miss Spring
  6. Raven Nevermore
  7. Freezes Day
  8. Loose and Over
  • Aleksi Ahokas
  • Sami Koikkalainen
  • Tim Toivanen

Disillusion Of Purity  
2006 My Kingdom
  1. Year Or Two
  2. Give Back My Heart
  3. Heart Will Stop
  4. Thru The Mire
  5. Disintegration
  6. Purity
  7. Final Peace
  8. Inside Me
  9. Disillusion (outro)
  • Aleksi Ahokas
  • Sami Koikkalainen
  • Tim Toivanen

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