Origin: Italy  
Genres: Power Metal
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Page online: March 29, 2005
Last update/review: April 25, 2015

Shining Fury

Shining Fury is an Italian metal band, featuring one Ross Lukather on drums, who used to serve time in the cult horror metal outfit Death SS. Shining Fury is nothing like Death SS, but is instead another speedy melodic power metal band, with the typical gloss and sheen (a clear production, above-average musicianship) that power metal fans hunger for. Songwriting-wise, there's little here that hasn't been heard elsewhere, and Francesco Neretti's vocals at times are a shade shrill and high-pitched, but overall the band performs well. Shining Fury isn't going to convert anyone outside the Euro power metal crowd, but there is a thriving market for this sort of music, and power metal completists will no doubt want to add this band to their collection. They last recorded in 2006 but apparently are still active.

Current Members

Francesco Neretti


Francesco Tonazzini


Federico Accardo


Alessandro Cola


Andrea Bartoletti


Ross Lukather

drums (ex-Death SS)

Former Members/Guests

Francesco Chelini


Tommy Pellegrini



Last Sunrise  
2004 Metal Blade
  1. Intro
  2. Broken Hopes
  3. 060501
  4. Sleepin' Coma
  5. Snake's Game
  6. Last Sunrise
  7. Memories
  8. Speed Of Life
  9. Declaration Of A Cheat
  10. Net Love
  11. Rosanna
  • Francesco Neretti
  • Francesco Chelini
  • Tommy Pellegrini
  • Alessandro Cola
  • Ross Lukather

Another Life  
2006 Metal Blade
  1. Another Life
  2. Fast and Easy
  3. Colours and Experience
  4. The Haunting
  5. Together
  6. Eternal Fight
  7. Neither Words Nor Kisses
  8. Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
  9. Five years Ago
  10. Highway Star
  • Francesco Neretti
  • Francesco Tonazzini
  • Federico Accardo
  • Andrea Bartoletti
  • Ross Lukather

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