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Genres: Alternative Metal
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Mark Zonder made a name for himself in the metal world while drumming for two outstanding bands, Warlord and Fates Warning. He departed the latter band after some 15 years, desiring to do his own thing, and the result is Slavior. He recruited vocalist Greg Analla from the band Tribe Of Gypsies and touring Michael Schenker Group guitarist Wayne Findlay and set about recording a debut album, which was released in 2007. Throw out any comparisons with Zonder's past right now, since Slavior is not an epic or progressive metal album (though there are progressive elements here). What is on offer here is experimental, well-crafted heavy alternative metal, with a host of outside influences (check out the reggae infusion in "Dove" or the funkiness of "Give It Up", as two examples). All three of the major players shine here, from Analla's soulful hard rock vocals (at times reminiscient of Deadsoul Tribe's Devon Graves) to Findlay's inventive riffing to (naturally) Zonder's intricate yet always tasteful drumming. There's enough musical talent here that this could have devolved into a tech-fest, but it doesn't happen -- this is inventive and unique hard rock. This looks to be a one-time affair, as Zonder has moved on to other projects.

Last Lineup

Greg Analla

vocals RIP: January 4, 2018, motorcycle accident

Wayne Findlay

guitars/keyboards (Michael Schenker Group)

Philip Bynoe

bass (ex-Warlord)

Mark Zonder

drums (Dramatica, ex-Fates Warning, guest for Leviathan, ex-Warlord)


2007 Inside Out
  1. Origin
  2. Shatter
  3. Swept Away
  4. Altar
  5. Another Planet
  6. Deeper
  7. Dove
  8. Slavior
  9. Give it up
  10. Red Road
  • Greg Analla
  • Wayne Findlay
  • Mark Zonder

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