Origin: Sweden  
Genres: Goth Rock/Metal
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Last update/review: October 28, 2005


Tenebre was formed in 1996 after the dissolution of Flegma, with a few members of that band wishing to pursue a different direction. Flegma was more or less a dirty thrash band, but Tenebre's sound is firmly rooted in bluesy, dark, sweaty hard rock/metal, with a good reference being Danzig at his peak. Indeed, even former vocalist Kalle Metz occasionally wailed just like Glenn himself, though more often his vocals were a bit more gruff. There are some truly great tunes here, such as "Thirteen" and "Tombola Voodoo Master" with its eminently catchy chorus, more brooding tracks like "Alignment" and "The Undertaker", and personal favorite "No Wrong". This style isn't normally a BNR favorite, but Tenebre succeeds in simply rocking hard, no fancy gimmicks, and for that they get a glowing recommendation.

Last Lineup

Kalle Metz

vocals (ex-Flegma)

Richard Lion

guitars (ex-Flegma)

Michael Körner


Jenny T


Ivana Satana


Andreas Albin


Former Members/Guests

Victor Fradera


Fredrik Täck


Martin Olsson (guest)

guitars (ex-Flegma)


guitars (ex-Translunaria)

Franco Bollo


Peter Mårdklint


Joel Linder



1996 Record Heaven
  1. Thirteen
  2. I
  3. Taste My Sin
  4. A Cross On Your Door
  5. Tenebre
  6. Rites Of Passage II
  7. Dead But Dreaming
  8. Moth To The Flame
  9. No Wrong
  10. Thunrida
  11. The Case Of Charles Dexter Ward
  12. Buried And Forgotten
  13. March Of The Dying Angel
  • Kalle Metz
  • Richard Lion
  • Fredrik Täck
  • Martin Olsson
  • Joel Linder

Grim Ride  
1998 Record Heaven
  1. Demon
  2. No Time For Pain
  3. The Call
  4. Demonicus Ex Deo
  5. Like A Needle
  6. Soulbleed
  7. When Razors Cry
  8. Love 666
  9. Scarecrow
  10. Without
  11. Darkness Bound
  • Kalle Metz
  • Richard Lion
  • Fredrik Täck
  • Lukas
  • Joel Linder

Mark Ov The Beast  
2000 Regain
  1. Harvester Of Souls
  2. Tombola Voodoo Master
  3. Mark Ov The Beast
  4. I Am Your Ritual
  5. God Speaks In Tongues
  6. Putana Satana
  7. Gone With The Wind
  8. The Undertaker
  9. Come To Season
  10. Thy Darkness Come
  11. Alignment
  • Kalle Metz
  • Richard Lion
  • Fredrik Täck
  • Franco Bollo
  • Andreas Albin

Electric Hellfire Kiss  
2002 Regain
  1. Electric Hellfire Kiss
  2. Aliennation
  3. Descend From Heaven
  4. Nocturnal Rhapsody
  5. Beauty Destroyed
  6. She Darks The Sun
  7. Starlet Wolverine
  8. Death Becomes You
  9. At The Mountain
  10. Malochia
  • Victor Fradera
  • Richard Lion
  • Fredrik Täck
  • Peter Mårdklint
  • Andreas Albin

Heart's Blood  
2005 Regain
  1. Silver Flame
  2. Mistress Of The Dark
  3. Serpent's Fire
  4. Shine
  5. Blue
  6. Pray
  7. Nightmare
  8. Black Void Nirvana
  9. Heart's Blood
  10. Night Reborn
  • Kalle Metz
  • Richard Lion
  • Michael Körner
  • Jenny T
  • Ivana Satana
  • Andreas Albin

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