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Genres: Traditional Metal
Last update/review: January 3, 2007


Wayne was the solo project of former Metal Church vocalist David Wayne. Why he felt the need to release a solo album when he was already participating in what was essentially a solo band (that being Reverend) is unclear, but in any case he put together a band (another Church member, guitarist Craig Wells, is listed in the credits but apparently didn't record with the group and his name was listed in the credits as a favor to Wayne), and, in a move that was guaranteed to cause some sort of commotion, named the album Metal Church, even going so far as to use that band's old logo and (indirectly) album cover artwork. To the surprise of no one, the rest of Metal Church wasn't too happy about all this, though Wayne claimed that no disrespect was intended and that his only goal was to further the great name of Metal Church. All controversy aside, the album is actually pretty good, as Wayne himself is in typical form and the style is classic Church- style power metal. The cover of "Mississippi Queen" wasn't really necessary, but the rest of the songs, though arguably not up to the standards of those first two classic Metal Church albums, make for a solid release that should appeal to old Church fans. It was unclear what his long-term plans were, but his tragic death in May 2005 cut the project short.

Last Lineup

David Wayne

vocals (ex-Metal Church, ex-Reverend) RIP: May 10, 2005, automobile accident, age 47

Craig Wells

guitars (ex-Metal Church)

Jim Bell

guitars (ex-Thunderhead)

Mark Franco

bass (ex-Thunderhead)

B.J. Zampa

drums (ex-Thunderhead)


Metal Church  
2001 Nuclear Blast
  1. The Choice
  2. The Hammer Will Fall
  3. Soos Creek Cemetary
  4. Hannibal
  5. Burning At The Stake
  6. DSD
  7. Nightmare Part II
  8. Vlad
  9. Ballad For Marianne
  10. Mississippi Queen
  • David Wayne
  • Jim Bell
  • Mark Franco
  • B.J. Zampa

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