Origin: Snoqualmie, Washington, USA  
Last update/review: July 7, 2006

Windham Hell

Windham Hell was an underground band in practically every sense of the word, a band who did things on its own terms with no regard to mass appeal. Theirs was one of those have-to-hear-it-for-yourself styles, blending classically influence guitars, extensive ambient/atmospheric effects, intense riffing, and sparse death vocals (really, the band was mostly instrumental), an original and intriguing style (though at times uneven) that lent itself to much experimentalism. The band is presumed to be no more.

Last Lineup

Leland Windham


Eric Friesen

drums/bass/keyboards RIP: June 30, 2006, heart attack, age 39


South Facing Epitaph  
1994 Moribund
  1. God Swallow
  2. Paste Human
  3. Garmonbozia
  4. Faces Of Carnage
  5. Terror Soak
  6. Human Foot
  7. Tomorrow You're Going To Die
  8. I Remember Drooling
  9. Exsiccation
  10. Wrapped In Plastique
  11. Post

Window Of Souls  
1996 Moribund
  1. Laceration of the Soul
  2. Inversion Soil
  3. Clear Blue Plastique
  4. Ionic Abyss
  5. Excarnation
  6. Crepusculum
  7. Corporal Compendia
  8. Ashes in the Green Chair
  9. Sacromonte (Popocatepetl)
  10. Spiritual Bleeding (Faces II)
  11. The Rain
  12. Darkness Deluge
  13. The Last of Summer

Reflective Depths Imbibe  
2000 Moribund

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