Origin: Sogndal, Norway  
Genres: Viking Metal, Black Metal
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Page online: March 21, 2005
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Windir originally was the one-man project of one Terje Bakken, known as Valfar. The first two albums were recorded almost exclusively by Valfar himself, with the man joining forces with several members of another local band (Ulcus) to form a complete band, that band recording the later albums 1184 and Likferd. Windir's sound blends many elements of the old school of epic Norwegian black metal, but also brings viking and folk elements to the table to forge a rich, mature sound (and well-produced, unlike many similar-styled Norwegian bands).

Tragedy befell the band in early 2004, when Valfar was found dead, a victim of hypothermia he suffered when caught in a snowstorm. The band announced its official breakup in April, as the remaining members felt they could not continue as Windir without him. Several of the members later formed a new band, Vreid.

Last Lineup

Valfar (Terje Bakken)

vocals RIP: January 17, 2004, hypothermia, age 25

Strom (Stian Bakketeig)

guitars (Vreid)

Sture Dingsøyr

guitars (Vreid)

Hvall (Jarle Kvåle)

bass (Vreid)

Righ (Gaute Refsnes)


Steingrim (Jørn Holen)

drums (Vreid)


1997 Head Not Found
  1. Sognariket sine krigarar
  2. Det som var Haukareid
  3. Mørket sin fyrste
  4. Sognariket si herskarinne
  5. I ei Krystallnatt
  6. Røvhaugane
  7. Likbør
  8. Sóknardalr
  • Valfar

1999 Head Not Found
  1. The Beginning
  2. Arntor, a Warrior
  3. The burial mound of King Hydnes
  4. The Blacksmith and The Troll of Lundamyri
  5. The Struggle
  6. The Longing
  7. Ending
  • Valfar

2001 Head Not Found
  1. Todeswalser
  2. 1184
  3. Dance of Mortal Lust
  4. The Spiritlord
  5. Heidra
  6. Destroy
  7. Black New Age
  8. Journey To the End
  • Valfar
  • Strom
  • Sture Dingsøyr
  • Hvall
  • Righ
  • Steingrim

2003 Head Not Found
  1. Resurrection of the Wild
  2. Martyrium
  3. Despot
  4. Blodssvik
  5. Fagning
  6. On the Mountain of Goats
  7. Dauden
  8. Ætti Mørkna
  • Valfar
  • Strom
  • Sture Dingsøyr
  • Hvall
  • Righ
  • Steingrim

Valfar, Ein Windir  COMPILATION
2004 Tabu
  1. Stri
  2. Stridsmann
  3. Dans På Stemmehaugen
  4. The Profound Power
  5. Dauden (Performed by: Enslaved)
  6. Ending (Performed by: Finntroll)
  7. Mørkets Fyrste (Performed by: E-Head)
  8. Destroy (Performed by: Notodden All Stars)
  9. Likbør (Performed by: Weh)
  10. Svartasmeden og Lunnamyrstrollet
  11. Blodssvik
  12. Soge II – Framkomsten
  13. Krigaren Si Gravferd
  14. Sognariket Sine Krigarar
  15. Byrjing
  16. Arntor, Ein Windir
  17. Saknet
  18. 1184
  19. Journey To The End
  20. Martyrium
  21. Fagning
  22. On The Mountain of Goats
  23. Sòknardalr

Sognametal  VIDEO
2005 Tabu

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