Origin: Pyhäjärvi, Finland  
Genres: Power Metal, Goth Rock/Metal
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Page online: July 5, 2008
Last update/review: March 12, 2016


This is a case of perseverance paying off, as the band worked hard year after year, releasing a slew of demos between 1998 and 2004 but never getting the record deal they wanted despite a growing fan base, though they came close to signing with Century Media around 2002. Finally, Spinefarm came to the rescue, signing the band for their debut album, Birth/The End, released in 2007. Their music is kind of a cross between the classic Finnish goth rock/metal and a more traditional power metal style. The songs are straightfoward and accessible, with husky midrange voice, and keyboards being a major component of the overall sound. This isn't groundbreaking, but it is solid, and for those looking into accessible (dare one say catchy) goth-tinged power metal should check these guys out.

Current Members

Pasi Kärkkäinen


Jari-Pekka Perälä

guitars/backing vocals

Jussi Tikka

bass/backing vocals

Atte Palokangas

drums (Beast In Black, ex-Before The Dawn, Thunderstone)

Former Members/Guests

Joni Laine

guitars/backing vocals

Patrik Laine



Birth / The End  
2007 Spinefarm
  1. Prisoner
  2. Harmless Hero
  3. Everyone of Us
  4. Hazardous
  5. Prophecy
  6. Sleepless
  7. Black Sun
  8. The Birth And The End
  • Pasi Kärkkäinen
  • Jari-Pekka Perälä
  • Joni Laine
  • Jussi Tikka
  • Patrik Laine
  • Atte Palokangas

Visions Of The Blind  
  1. All Alone
  2. Devil
  3. Pieces
  4. Haze
  5. Sliced
  6. Eye Of The Storm
  7. Trail
  8. Hazard
  9. Lullacry
  10. Thorns Of Roses
  11. A Lie
  12. Trooper
  13. Nothing Changed
  • Pasi Kärkkäinen
  • Jari-Pekka Perälä
  • Jussi Tikka
  • Atte Palokangas

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