Origin: Chicago, Illinois, USA  
Genres: Eclectic Metal
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Page online: September 24, 2018
Last update/review: September 24, 2018


Arriver, a decidedly low-profile quartet out of Chicago, is one of those exceedingly hard-to-describe bands that give reviewers fits. Apparently they've been around since 2994 and have a few releases under their belts, with the most recent, 2016's Emeritus, the subject of this review. There's a true hodge-podge of styles here, from progressive to alt-rock to flashes of death and more, but if a compact description is necessary, it might be a hardened, progressive form of alternative metal. Five medium-paced tracks, quite different from each other, comprise the Emeritus package, with twists and turns and unconventional time signatures, with plenty of solid musicianship though not of the overly flashy/histrionic type. The vocals are sparse and also varied, from death growls to more shouty singing, not a lot in the tradition metal sense. Clearly a band without any aspersions of superstardom or even moderate notoriety, they are nonetheless a highly recommended listen to anyone into left-field hard rock/metgl.

Current Members

Rob Sullivan


Dan MacAdam


Dan Sullivan


Joe Kaplan


Former Members/Guests

Bill Murphy



Vanlandingham And Zone  
  1. Overture
  2. Captain of the Guard
  3. A Mighty Fray
  4. Vanlandingham Sunrise
  5. Of the Lining of the Long
  6. Slaughtering the People of the Zone
  7. Home Mom Only On
  8. In the Long Day of the One (Armored Train)
  9. The Verse of Halon Hong - Sighting, the First
  10. Upon the Fields of Zone
  • Rob Sullivan
  • Dan MacAdam
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Bill Murphy

Simon Mann  EP
  1. Simon Mann
  2. Splodge of Wonga
  3. This Dark Corner of the Continent
  • Rob Sullivan
  • Dan MacAdam
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Joe Kaplan

  1. Winter Palace War Council
  2. Togo, Son of a Samurai
  3. Dogger Bank
  4. Around the Cape
  5. Dark Clouds Above the Fleet
  6. Singapore
  7. Tsushima Trilogy
  8. Quadrogy
  • Rob Sullivan
  • Dan MacAdam
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Joe Kaplan

  1. Liquidators
  2. The Demon Core
  3. True Bypass
  4. URSa
  5. Emeritus
  • Rob Sullivan
  • Dan MacAdam
  • Dan Sullivan
  • Joe Kaplan

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