Eclectic Metal

Angst Skvadron Five The Hierophant Manes Reveal!
Arkheth Fleurety Maudlin Of The Well The Soundbyte
Arriver Forgotten Silence MonumentuM Stolen Babies
Carnival In Coal Hail Spirit Noir MoRkObOt Ulver
Chrome Hoof Howling Sycamore Mr. Bungle Unexpect
Chryst Insect Ark Necro Deathmort Virus
Diablo Swing Orchestra Kayo Dot The Odious Void Paradigm
Dog Fashion Disco Kekal Omb The Von Deer Skulls
Empalot Korova Område Waste Of Space Orchestra
Estradasphere Korovakill Öxxö Xööx Wolvennest
Eternal Deformity Love History Remmirath  

Active bands are in bold.

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