Origin: France  
Genres: Eclectic Metal
Page online: May 8, 2008
Last update/review: May 8, 2008


Empalot is (was?) a so-called "experimental metal" project led by the Gojira brothers Duplantier, releasing an album in 2002. Experimental is one way to describe this, quirky would be another, as this is nothing like Gojira at all, and really not much like anyone else, though someone somewhere made a comparison to Carnival In Coal, not a bad call. The album has a fair bit of heavy guitar parts, but also plenty of jazzy/funky interludes, random noises, and various screetches from the vocalists, who at other times sing both cleanly and harshly. In general this has a just-for-fun feel to it, the guys clearly not aiming for any particular audience. Predictably, it's pretty uneven, and though it's a nice change of pace from the usual bludgeoning metal that's popular these days, it ultimately comes across as slightly unsatisfying.

Current Members

Stéphane Chateneuf


Joe Duplantier

vocals/guitars (ex-Cavalera Conspiracy, Gojira)



Mario Duplantier

drums (Gojira)


Tous Aux Cepes  
  1. Chez Evelyne
  2. La Trappe de Especial
  3. Jeannot
  4. Le Bol
  5. Ua 2
  6. Faisez la Bagarre
  7. Pi KK
  8. Mister Inconvenient
  9. Caravan Man
  10. Dru
  • St├ęphane Chateneuf
  • Joe Duplantier
  • Laurentx
  • Mario Duplantier

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