Origin: England  
Genres: Eclectic Metal
Page online: February 16, 2011
Last update/review: February 16, 2011

Necro Deathmort

A bit off the beaten path here, this band is hardly metallic in the traditional sense, but there might be (and should be) some crossover appeal for those looking for something different. Credit where credit is due: a review on the Chronicles Of Chaos site prompted a listen, and not only did that review nail the bizarre style of these guys (a mix of doom and trip-hop) but it also recognized the sheer originality and brilliance of this oddity. Basically a project consisting of two guys who play some guitar and then sample everything else, This Beat Is Necrotronic runs the gamut from spacey ambience to quirky electronics to the aforemention trip-hop moodiness to some real metal moments, those sometimes bringing early Godflesh to mind with industrial-ish feedback-laden riffs, and maybe some post-black metal experimentalism at other times. No vocals to speak of, which explains the nonsensical song titles like the hilarious "I Fought The Law And The Law Won (Because Fighting Is Against The Law)". Then there's the over-the-top band name, a further indication that these guys are either playing without a full deck or are simply toiling in their own strange universe. This is not traditional metal by any stretch, and as such they aren't for everyone, but this is rapidly become a fast BNR favorite. Not only that, the album can be downloaded for free -- well worth the effort.

Current Members

A.J. Cookson


Matthew Rozeik



This Beat Is Necrotronic  
  1. Woburn Plate Corner
  2. Spilth
  3. Hurt Me I'm Bored
  4. I Can See Through Time
  5. Return To Planet Atlas
  6. Necro Effigy
  7. Broadcast
  8. I Fought The Law And The Law Won Because Fighting Is Against The Law
  9. Techniclolour Minstrel Show
  10. Origami Werewolf
  11. The Ultimate Testament
  • A.J. Cookson
  • Matthew Rozeik

Music Of Bleak Origin  
  1. Jaffanaut
  2. In Binary
  3. Temple Of Juno
  4. Uberlord
  5. For Your Own Good
  6. Devastating Vector
  7. Blizzard
  8. The Heat Death Of Everything
  9. Moon

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