Origin: France  
Genres: Eclectic Metal
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Page online: July 11, 2020
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standpoint, as they incorporate noticeable trip-hop, electronica and post-ambient elements to their sound. Two self-professed influences of the band are Ulver and Manes, and there are similarities from both, particularly the latter as the vocalist is a dead ringer for Manes' Asgeir Hatlen. can be called "metal/non-metal/something-metal". Traditionalists may be turned off by the electronica elements, but frankly there are few bands in this arena, and the moodiness imparted by the darkwave stylings are quite intriguing. the band's second album released in 2017, turned out to be a grower, it didn't click immediately but over time grew to Top Ten status easily.

Current Members

Christophe Denhez


Jean-Philipppe Quamer



2015 My Kingdom
  1. Mann Forelder
  2. Luxurious Agony
  3. Satellite And Narrow
  4. Friendly Herpes
  5. Skam Parfyme
  6. Ottaa Sen
  • Christophe Denhez
  • Jean-Philipppe Quamer

2017 My Kingdom
  1. Malum
  2. XII
  3. Enter
  4. The Same For The Worst
  5. Baldar Jainko
  6. Falaich
  • Christophe Denhez
  • Jean-Philipppe Quamer

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