Origin: New York, New York, USA  
Genres: Eclectic Metal
Page online: September 1, 2022
Last update/review: September 1, 2022

Zeal & Ardor

The underground buzz for this odd project has been building ever since founding Swiss multi-instrumentalist Manuel Gagneux started informally releasing music in 2014. The blending of black metal and old negro hymns (conceived, if the story is to be believed, purely on a dare) is certainly eye-opening, though to some it might feel more like a novelty than an enduring sound. The 2016 debut, Devil Is Fine (recorded solely by Gagneux) seems to these ears more of a proof of concept -- not quite developed, with the two styles not always seamlessly integrated, but hinting at what could be done. That potential was realized two years later on Stranger Fruit, with a proper band in place and focusing on a singular, highly original vision for the music. Zeal & Ardor hasn't hit the big time yet, as they appear to be more critical darlings than ready for mass appeal, but that might change if Gagneux continues exploring this space.

Current Members

Manual Gagneux

vocals/all instruments

Tiziano Volante


Mia Rafaela Dieu


Marco Von Allmen


Marc Obrist

backing vocals

Denis Wagner

backing vocals


Devil Is Fine  
2016 independent
  1. Devil Is Fine
  2. In Ashes
  3. Sacrileguim I
  4. Come On Down
  5. Children's Summon
  6. Sacrilegium II
  7. Blood In The River
  8. What Is A Killer Like You Gonna Do Here?
  9. Sacrilegium III
  • Manual Gagneux

Stranger Fruit  
2018 MKVA
  1. Intro
  2. Gravedigger's Chant
  3. Servants
  4. Don't You Dare
  5. Fire of Motion
  6. The Hermit ()
  7. Row Row
  8. Ship on Fire
  9. Waste
  10. You Ain't Coming Back
  11. The Fool ()
  12. We Can't Be Found
  13. Stranger Fruit
  14. Solve ()
  15. Coagula
  16. Built on Ashes
  • Manual Gagneux
  • Marco Von Allmen

Live In London  LIVE
  1. Sacrilegium I
  2. In Ashes
  3. Servants
  4. Come On Down
  5. Blood In The River
  6. Row Row
  7. You Ain't Comming Back
  8. We Never Fall
  9. Waste
  10. Fire Of Motion
  11. Hold Your Head Low
  12. Ship On Fire
  13. Stranger Fruit
  14. Cut Me
  15. Coagula
  16. Gravedigger's Chant
  17. Children's Summon
  18. Built On Ashes
  19. We Can't Be Found
  20. Don't You Dare
  21. Devil Is Fine
  22. Baphomet
  • Manual Gagneux
  • Tiziano Volante
  • Mia Rafaela Dieu
  • Marco Von Allmen
  • Marc Obrist
  • Denis Wagner

Wake Of A Nation  EP
  1. Vigil
  2. Tuskegee
  3. At The Seams
  4. I Can't Breath
  5. Trust No One
  6. Wake Of A Nation
  • Manual Gagneux
  • Marco Von Allmen

Zeal And Ardor  
2022 MKVA
  1. Zeal & Ardor
  2. Run
  3. Death To The Holy
  4. Emersion
  5. Golden Liar
  6. Erase
  7. Bow
  8. Feed The Machine
  9. I Caught You
  10. Church Burns
  11. Hold Your Head Low
  12. J-M-B
  13. A-H-I-L

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