Origin: Thessaloniki, Greece  
Genres: Eclectic Metal, Progressive Metal
Page online: July 17, 2021
Last update/review: September 24, 2021

Hail Spirit Noir

Hail Spirit Noir is a somewhat quirky Greek trio who, even after repeated listens, defy categorization. It's not that their style is so out in left field as to completely confound the listener, they simply are hard to pin down and really sound like no one else. They are often listed as either progressive or black metal, and while there are some elements of each present, they don't fit neatly into either camp, nor do they sound like a "typical" progressive black metal band like, say, Enslaved. Their blending of black metal, 70's prog/psychedelics and some theatrics (with the black metal gradually being phased out over time) puts this band on an island all to themselves, and their ability to be both oddball and accessible at the same time is really quite confounding. Undoubtably the BNR pick for favorite Greek band ever, and so far a consistent Top Ten pick for each of their albums. The upcoming Mannequins album set for later in 2021 apparently will see the band move in a (possibly temporary) completely different direction altogether, as it's reported as a soundtrack album in a synthwave style.

Current Members

Konstantinos Margaritis


Theoharis Liratzakis




Dimitris Makrantonakis

bass/guitars (Dol Ammad)



Sakis Bandis


Former Members/Guests

Ioannis Yahoudis (guest)


Håkon Freyr Gustafsson (guest)



  1. Mountain of Horror
  2. Let Your Devil Come Inside
  3. Against the Curse, We Dream
  4. When All Is Black
  5. Into the Gates of Time
  6. Haire Pneuma Skoteino
  • Theoharis Liratzakis
  • Haris
  • Dimitris Makrantonakis
  • Ioannis Yahoudis

Oi Magoi  
  1. Blood Guru
  2. Demon for a Day
  3. Satan Is Time
  4. Satyriko Orgio (Satyrs' Orgy)
  5. The Mermaid
  6. Hunters
  7. Oi Magoi
  • Theoharis Liratzakis
  • Haris
  • Dimitris Makrantonakis
  • Ioannis Yahoudis

Mayhem In Blue  
2016 Dark Essence
  1. I Mean You Harm
  2. Mayhem in Blue
  3. Riders to Utopia
  4. Lost in Satan's Charms
  5. The Cannibal Tribe Came from the Sea
  6. How to Fly in Blackness
  • Theoharis Liratzakis
  • Haris
  • Dimitris Makrantonakis
  • HÃ¥kon Freyr Gustafsson

Eden In Reverse  
2020 Agonia
  1. Darwinian Beasts
  2. Incense Swirls
  3. Alien Lip Reading
  4. Crossroads
  5. The Devil's Blind Spot
  6. The First Ape on New Earth
  7. Automata 1980

2021 Agonia
  1. 12-31-1985: Night Shift
  2. Against Your Will, My Blade
  3. Mannequins
  4. 12-31-1985: Night Shift II
  5. The Monsters Came From The Sky
  6. Visitors Of Horror
  7. Enter Disco Inferno
  8. Mannequins II
  9. Alien Cell Charging
  10. On The Loose Again
  11. Ending Crashers
  12. Ending Crashers II
  13. Crossroads

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