Origin: Haifa, Iran  
Genres: Eclectic Metal
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Page online: November 14, 2016
Last update/review: November 14, 2016


Israel has produced a handful of quality bands over the years, but none quite like Omb; in fact no band anywhere really sounds a lot like this band (though a kindred spirit might be Canada's Unexpect). SwineSong is seriously eclectic, avant-garde progressive metal (just check out the song titles for an idea of how out-there this band is), with instruments and ideas all over the place. The guys transition from bombastic grandeur to quiet interludes in a flash, all while preserving song structure rather than mindless piecing together of riffs and ideas. Vocalist Davidavi Dolev deserves a special mention, as his vocals are as diverse as the music, truly an incredible performance. Not sure what kind of exposure this band is getting or whether they can make it to the worldwide stage, but SwineSong is a mighty impressive album that deserves a listen.

Current Members

Davidavi Dolev

vocals (ex-Subterranean Masquerade)

Yuval Kramer


Or Rozenfeld


Yuval Tamir



  1. Milosh Had Seen Better Days
  2. These Walls...
  3. An Ordinary Caveman Sings Ode to Obsession
  4. Mother Gazelle Father Horse
  5. Someday My Prince Will Come
  6. A Smaller Dose of Tyranny
  7. Undergrowth
  8. Oh Mrs. Wade! You Shouldn't Have!
  9. Better Days Indeed
  10. The Cricket's Broken Violin
  • Davidavi Dolev
  • Yuval Kramer
  • Or Rozenfeld
  • Yuval Tamir

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