Origin: Santa Cruz, California, USA  
Genres: Eclectic Metal
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Page online: January 27, 2008
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In recent years, The End has become well-known for releasing metal albums with offbeat/strange influences. With Palace Of Mirrors, the fifth album by the Santa Cruz mob known as Estradasphere (apparently the name is an homage to actor Erik Estrada!), the balance shifts -- this is more of an offbeat/strange album with metal influences. Palace is quite a trip, incorporating a wide variety of musical styles in a way that defies description. A lot of the album has a soundtrack feel to it (it's all instrumental, though the band's previous works did have vocals), as there's a liberal use of 60's-styled guitars and the occasional orchestral instrument (a horn here, some xylophones there, etc). Just picking one song at random, someone wrote that "Colossal Risk" has the feel of a James Bond spoof, and that's exactly right, though it doesn't hit the listener right away. Elsewhere, there's a bit of accordion, a touch of jazz, middle eastern sounds, some bouncy string work ("Smuggled Mutation"), and yes, some real metal ("The Return", for one). It's wacky, to be sure, but it doesn't so much genre hop as meld several wild influences to form an impressively unique and cohesive sound. Really, it's impossible to accurately describe the sound without giving it a listen. An exceedingly intriguing and fun album to listen to, even with the lack of real metal to grab onto.

Current Members

Jason Schimmel


Kevin Kmetz


Timb Harris


Tim Smolens


Lee Smith


Former Members/Guests

John Whooley


Adam Stacey


David Murray

drums/folk instruments/vocals


It's Understood  
2001 Mimicry
  1. "Hunger Strike
  2. Cloud Land
  3. The Transformation
  4. Danse of Tosho and Slavi/Randy's Desert Adventure
  5. The Trials and Tribulations of Parking On Your Front Lawn
  6. The Princes of Xibalba
  7. The Princes
  8. Los Dias Sin Dias
  9. XQuiQ
  10. Hunnahpu and Xbalanque
  11. Spreading The Disease
  12. Planet Sparkle/Court Yard Battle 1
  13. D(flat) Hell
  • Jason Schimmel
  • John Whooley
  • Timb Harris
  • Tim Smolens
  • David Murray

The Silent Elk Of Yesterday  EP
2001 Mimicry
  1. The Silent Elk Of Yesterday
  2. Crag Lake
  3. Millennium Child (Live)
  4. The Dapper Bandits
  5. The Ventriloquist Choir
  6. Mekapses Yitonisa
  7. Burnt Corpse
  8. Rise n' Shine (EDN#1)
  9. Disco Time
  10. A Tune By F.F.C.
  11. The Princes Of Xibalba
  12. The Penguin
  13. Techno In The Style Of Burning Man
  14. Some Turkish Song
  15. Auntie Nellies Love Gravy
  16. Medley #3
  17. Some Irish Song
  18. Hungerstrike (Ending)
  • Jason Schimmel
  • John Whooley
  • Timb Harris
  • Tim Smolens
  • David Murray

Buck Fever  
2002 Mimicry
  1. Buck Fever
  2. The Dapper Bandits
  3. The Silent Elk Of Yesterday
  4. Crag Lake
  5. Meteorite Showers
  6. The Bounty Hunter
  7. Super Buck II
  8. Millennium Child
  9. Trampoline Klan
  10. Burnt Corpse
  11. Rise N' Shine (Epic Doobie Nightmare #1)
  12. Bride Of The Buck
  13. A Very Intense Battle
  14. Green Hill
  15. Feed Yo Mama's Meter (Remix 2001)
  16. What Deers May Come
  • Jason Schimmel
  • John Whooley
  • Timb Harris
  • Tim Smolens
  • David Murray

2003 Mimicry
  1. Mekapses Yitonisa
  2. Dubway
  3. King Krab Battle
  4. Speck
  5. Hardball
  6. A Car Ride In Idealitic Ethiopia
  7. Crystal Blue
  8. Jungle Warfare
  9. Body Slam
  10. At Least We'd Have Today
  • Jason Schimmel
  • John Whooley
  • Timb Harris
  • Tim Smolens

Passion For Life  
  1. Dissatisfactual Contraband
  2. Feed Your Mama's Meter
  3. Planet Sparkle
  4. Bat Cave
  5. Hora Bucharestu vs. Narodnokolo (Gypsy Medley)
  6. Tugboat
  7. Whollilicious
  8. Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
  9. Graze-A-Holic
  10. Danse of Tosho and Slavi/Randy's Desert Adventure
  11. Elderly Normal Samurai Tortoises
  12. Boss III
  13. Db Hell
  14. Body Slam (Lounge Version)
  • Jason Schimmel
  • John Whooley
  • Timb Harris
  • Tim Smolens

Palace Of Mirrors  
2006 The End
  1. Title
  2. Palace Of Mirrors
  3. A Corporate Merger
  4. The Terrible Beautypower of Meow
  5. Colossal Risk
  6. Smuggled Mutation
  7. Six Hands
  8. The Debutante
  9. Flower Garden of an Evil Man
  10. Those Who Know...
  11. Palace of Mirrors (Reprise)
  12. The Return
  • Jason Schimmel
  • Kevin Kmetz
  • Timb Harris
  • Tim Smolens
  • Adam Stacey
  • Lee Smith

Palace Of Mirrors Live  VIDEO
2007 The End

The Pegasus Vault  
  1. Title
  2. The Pegasus Vault
  3. The Return (unplugged)
  4. Rendezvous
  5. Some Semblance
  6. Alterna Meow Intro A=432 Hz
  7. Neither Hide nor Hair
  8. Report to Deck
  9. Faceoff: Advocate Vs. Accuser
  10. Judgment Tunnel
  11. Unicorns And Rainbows
  12. The Pegasus Vault (reprise)

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