Origin: Toronto, Ontario, Canada  
Genres: Doom Metal
Page online: May 17, 2010
Last update/review: May 8, 2023

Blood Ceremony

On the surface, this Toronto band isn't very hard to describe -- mix an early Black Sabbath base with a bit of Uriah Heep, some Jethro Tull-isms (flutes, what else) and female vocals, and that's Blood Ceremony in a nutshell. Frontwoman Alia O'Brien is frequently the center of attention, as she handles flutes (excellently), vocals (pretty decently) and keyboards (capably if simplistic, in general keyboards aren't a major instrument here). They've got a cool, retro analog-ish sound -- much like Sweden's Witchcraft (a decent soundalike to this band) the goal is not just to work with an early 70's influence, but to try to sound like the early 70's themselves. There are a few bands that have tapped into this style in recent years, and these guys and gal do it as well as anyone. A perfect fit for the Rise Above roster, Blood Ceremony is a solid bet for the early-70's metal fan.

Current Members

Alia O'Brien

vocals/folk instruments/keyboards

Sean Kennedy


Lucas Gadke


Michael Carrillo


Former Members/Guests

Chris Landon


Andrew Haust



Blood Ceremony  
  1. Master Of Confusion
  2. I'm Coming With You
  3. Into The Coven
  4. A Wine Of Wizardry
  5. The Rare Lord
  6. Return To Forever
  7. Hop Toad
  8. Children Of The Future
  9. Hymn To Pan
  • Alia O'Brien
  • Sean Kennedy
  • Chris Landon
  • Andrew Haust

Living With The Ancients  
2011 Rise Above
  1. The Great God Pan
  2. Coven Tree
  3. The Hermit
  4. My Demon Brother
  5. Morning of the Magicians
  6. Oliver Haddo
  7. Night of Augury
  8. The Witch's Dance
  9. Daughter of the Sun
  • Alia O'Brien
  • Sean Kennedy
  • Lucas Gadke
  • Andrew Haust

The Eldritch Dark  
2013 Metal Blade
  1. Witchwood
  2. Goodbye Gemini
  3. Lord Summerisle
  4. Ballad of the Weird Sisters
  5. Eldritch Dark
  6. Drawing Down the Moon
  7. Faunus
  8. The Magician
  • Alia O'Brien
  • Sean Kennedy
  • Lucas Gadke
  • Michael Carrillo

Lords Of Misrule  
2016 Rise Above
  1. The Devil's Widow
  2. Loreley
  3. The Rogue's Lot
  4. Lord of Misrule
  5. Half Moon Street
  6. The Weird of Finistere
  7. Flower Phantoms
  8. Old Fires
  9. Things Present, Things Past
  • Alia O'Brien
  • Sean Kennedy
  • Lucas Gadke
  • Michael Carrillo
2016 Readers' Album #50

The Old Ways Remain  
2023 Rise Above
  1. The Hellfire Club
  2. Ipsissimus
  3. Eugenie
  4. Lolly Willows
  5. Powers of Darkness
  6. The Bonfires at Belloc Coombe
  7. Widdershins
  8. Hecate
  9. Mossy Wood
  10. Song of the Morrow
  11. Falling (Iron Maiden cover)
  12. Powers Of Darkness (demo)
  • Alia O'Brien
  • Sean Kennedy
  • Lucas Gadke
  • Michael Carrillo

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