Origin: Ben Lomond, California, USA  
Genres: Death Metal
Page online: May 27, 2008
Last update/review: May 17, 2010

Brain Drill

This Santa Cruz quartet seemed to come out of nowhere, signed by Metal Blade after just one demo/EP (The Parasites, a six-track effort, with all six songs appearing on their Metal Blade debut, Apocalyptic Feasting), and hotly tipped by many to be a Next Big Thing. This is supremely brutal, no-frills, technical death metal, executed flawlessly and without mercy. Musicianship-wise, these guys are pretty much on another plane -- the rhythm section alone has to be the most musically talented of any death metal band -- drummer Marco Pitruzella (a veteran of many other bands) is an absolute blast-beating machine, and Jeff Hughell's innovative finger-tapping technique is beyond impressive (not only that, you can actually hear him, seemingly a rarity in death metal). And their prowess should take nothing away from guitarist Dylan Ruskin or vocalist Steve Rathjen, both also masters at their craft. With Apocalyptic Feasting, Brain Drill manage to combine technicality with brutality to perfection, and thus is one of the most intense, yet controlled, brutal death metal bands in quite some time. A dizzying listen, absolutely stunning and without question a first-rate recommendation to death fans.

Current Members

Steve Rathjen


Dylan Ruskin


Ivan Munguia

bass (Deeds Of Flesh)

Ron Casey


Former Members/Guests

Jeff Hughell

bass (Six Feet Under)

Marco Pitruzella

drums (Six Feet Under, Sleep Terror, ex-Vornagar)


Apocalyptic Feasting  
2008 Metal Blade
  1. Gorification
  2. The Parasites
  3. Apocalyptic Feasting
  4. Swine Slaughter
  5. Forcefed Human Shit
  6. Consumed by the Dead
  7. Revelation
  8. Bury the Living
  9. The Depths of Darkness
  10. Sadistic Abductive
  • Steve Rathjen
  • Dylan Ruskin
  • Jeff Hughell
  • Marco Pitruzella

Quantum Catastrophe  
  1. Obliteration Untold
  2. Beyond Bludgeoned
  3. Awaiting Imminent Destruction
  4. Nemesis of Neglect
  5. Entity of Extinction
  6. Mercy to None
  7. Monumental Failure
  8. Quantum Catastrophe
  • Steve Rathjen
  • Dylan Ruskin
  • Ivan Munguia
  • Ron Casey

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