Origin: Italy  
Genres: Gothic Metal
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Page online: November 21, 2002
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Cadaveria is the band fronted by the vocalist of the same name, formed after her acrimonious departure from the excellent Opera IX. With drummer Marcelo Santos (aka Flegius) in tow, she recruited a lineup and to date two albums have been released. Cadaveria's unique vocals assure at least a passing resemblance to her old band, but otherwise this band only sounds somewhat like Opera IX, with the song structures a bit more straightforward and the guitars more dominant that in Opera IX. Though arguably Cadaveria the band don't quite match Opera IX at their peak (then again, nor do the post-Cadaveria Opera IX albums), they are nonetheless excellent and recommended albums.

Current Members

Cadaveria (Raffaella Rivarolo)

vocals (ex-Opera IX)

Peter Dayton (Gianluca Fontana)

bass (Necrodeath)

Marcelo Santos

drums (Necrodeath, ex-Opera IX)

Former Members/Guests

Frank Booth (Stefano Tappari)


Dick Laurent (Christian Scarponi)


Pier Gonella (guest)

guitars (ex-Labyrinth, Necrodeath)

Killer Bob (Davide Queirolo)

bass (ex-Necrodeath)

Baron Harkonnen



The Shadow's Madame  
2002 Scarlet
  1. Spell
  2. Declaration Of Spiritual Independence
  3. In Memory Of Shadow's Madame
  4. Circle Of Eternal Becoming
  5. The Magic Rebirth
  6. Black Glory
  7. Absolute Vacuum
  • Cadaveria
  • Frank Booth
  • Killer Bob
  • Baron Harkonnen
  • Marcelo Santos

Far Away From Conformity  
2003 Scarlet
  1. Blood And Confusion
  2. Eleven Three O Three
  3. Irreverent Elegy
  4. The Divine Rapture
  5. Omen Of Delirium
  6. Call Me
  7. Out Body Experience
  8. Prayer Of Sorrow
  9. Vox Of Anti-Time
  • Cadaveria
  • Frank Booth
  • Killer Bob
  • Marcelo Santos

In Your Blood  
2007 Season Of Mist
  1. 000 Faces
  2. The Dream
  3. Anagram
  4. Memento Audere Semper
  5. Laying in Black
  6. Queen of Forgotten
  7. Exorcism to Chaos
  8. Uneven Like Clouds
  9. Before the Apes Came
  10. Virtual Escape from Tragedy
  11. Atypical Suggestions by a Dead Artist
  12. Enlightened
  • Cadaveria
  • Frank Booth
  • Killer Bob
  • Marcelo Santos

Horror Metal  
2012 Scarlet
  1. Flowers In Fire
  2. The Night's Theatre
  3. Death Vision
  4. Whispers Of Sin
  5. Assassin
  6. The Days Of The After And Behind
  7. Apocalypse
  8. The Oracle (Of The Fog)
  9. Requiem
  10. This Is Not The Silence
  11. Hypnotic Psychosis
  • Cadaveria
  • Frank Booth
  • Dick Laurent
  • Killer Bob
  • Marcelo Santos

Karma  VIDEO
2013 Scarlet

2014 Scarlet
  1. Velo (The Other Side of Hate)
  2. Carnival of Doom
  3. Free Spirit
  4. The Soul That Doesn't Sleep
  5. Existence
  6. Out Loud
  7. Death, Again
  8. Exercise1
  9. Almost Ghostly
  10. Loneliness
  11. Strangled Idols
  • Cadaveria
  • Frank Booth
  • Dick Laurent
  • Killer Bob
  • Marcelo Santos

2022 Time To Kill
  1. The Great Journey
  2. Shamanic Path
  3. Emptiness
  4. The Woman Who Fell to Earth
  5. Divination
  6. Matryoshcada
  7. Silver Rain
  8. The Cure
  9. Live After
  10. La casa dell'anima
  11. The Sky That Screams Above Us
  • Cadaveria
  • Dick Laurent
  • Pier Gonella
  • Peter Dayton
  • Marcelo Santos

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